Watch Netflix on TV via PlayStation 3


Playstation 3 copy Watch Netflix on TV via PlayStation 3

PS3 is a top video gaming console created by the well-known electronics manufacturer Sony. PS3 is Sony’s response to the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 consoles.

The PlayStation 3 was released in an effort by Sony to revive their declining sales and protect their market share from rivals Nintendo and Microsoft. Many people agree that the PlayStation 3 is the best designed of the three consoles. The cheapest PS3 console from Sony is available at $300, which is the same price for the Xbox 360.

The PS3 slim is available in three unique designs. The basic version that costs $300 is furnished with 160 GB, with the pricier versions retailing at between $350 and $400. The 2nd edition features a 320 GB storage and the most expensive console comes with 320 GB of space, mobile controller, PS eye camera, and a copy of sports champs included in the move mark. The consoles are offered in colors that include blue, red, white, and glossy black.

The PS3 measures 12.75” X 3.86” X 10.8”, and weighs about 11 lbs-that makes it heavier and larger than the Xbox. Although the design is sleek and slim, it takes up more space compared to the Xbox. On the whole, the PlayStation 3 slim is a welcome update to its predecessor.

The front side of the gadget is elegant and simple, with only the power button and the DVD/Blu-ray tray. The gracefully curved surface is very attractive too. The only problem is that the surface attracts dirt and shows fingerprints easily so you need to keep regular cleaning it. As for buttons, PlayStation 3 moved a step back and changed the power on/off buttons from touch buttons.

On the back, the PS3 has the typical range of slots; optical audio out, ranging from Ethernet, 2 USB ports, analog A/V out, a power port and HDMI ports. It has a built-in adapter for wireless internet connectivity. In terms of the storage options and hard drive, there’re 160 GB and 320 GB options to choose from. It is possible to pick the one which fits your budget and requirements.

In contrast to the Xbox 360, you’re free to get your own hard drive from the market-you are not limited to using the console one only. It is also important to note that there is no hard drive port on the Xbox. That said, you should note that Sony has blocked the user from making any adjustments to the operating system on this new console, which is something that serious PlayStation 3 lovers will not like.

The Wi-Fi controller is a welcome addition in the PS3. PlayStation 3 has all its buttons organized in a simple manner making it easy operate and a lot more efficient in comparison to the Xbox 360. In a major distinction from its rivals, the Wi-Fi controller does not use external batteries. The controller uses internal batteries that can be recharged by the main console via USB. The only major disadvantage with this charging system is that the console has to be switched on for recharging to happen.

Watching Netflix on PS3

In sharp contrast to its rival consoles, PlayStation provides unique access to Netflix. First and foremost, there is no requirement for downloads or applications, neither do you require any expensive subscription with PS. It is the only console which provides genuine 1080p HD viewing capabilities and video streaming, meaning that your PS3 can be easily used like a media device.

The PlayStation 3 is the best product to view Netflix on TV.

Netflix On PS3 Watch Netflix on TV via PlayStation 3

To gain access to Netflix via PS3, you’ll have to buy a disk from the Netflix website. This disc that Netflix will send to you uses the Blu-ray’s BD LIVE technologies. You must have an active Netflix account, whenever you want to watch Netflix on your PlayStation 3 console, you’ll have to enter the Netflix disc into the disc drive. PS3 only facilitates Netflix by this disc because of a special deal between Netflix and Microsoft.

The Way to Watch Netflix out of the United States on TV Using PS 3

PS 3 includes both built-in Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet for either wireless internet connection or LAN. There are built-in VPN settings and routers to enable the subscriber get around censorship restrictions that you can use in you PS3.

However, to use VPN settings you will need to subscribe to VPN. HideMyAss VPN ,for us,is the most impressive Virtual Private Network Company that provides confidential internet browsing services. They provide a variety of features, such as an option to choose between dynamic or static IPs, as well as the choice of selecting a server and IP from any place around the world.

After everything is set-up, and you want to watch Netflix on TV via playstation 3, just select United States as your main location, and then select an IP and a server in the United States. By directing your web traffic via a server in the United States, the Netflix server will be fooled into believing that your real location is in the United States, and gives you full access. Enjoy!