Netflix On Sony TV – Expand Your Entertainmet Level


Song Netflix On Sony TV   Expand Your Entertainmet Level

Compared with its immediate rivals, Sony provides only a few TVs for sale. This has made the selection fairly easy, and customers are lesser confused by the incredible number of models offered. Sony offers 16 distinct models with different ranges of features and screen sizes. You can watch Netflix on Sony TV simply via an internet connection. So, it’s crucial for you to select a TV which supports internet, either via Wi-Fi or LAN connection. From the sixteen distinct Sony TVs, only twelve devices can be used to watch Netflix on TV, with one model having the Wi-Fi feature.

Netflix enabled Sony Televisions are available from $899.99 to $2999.99. The top quality TV is fairly expensive as compared to the competitors’ TV. The display screen sizes begin from 40” for the base model to 64.5” for the top quality product.

EX Series by Sony Sony 40” EX 640 LED

It is the lowest priced device in the collection which includes built-in Wi-Fi internet connectivity, as well as 40” LED screens. It is available at $899.99 and includes an array of top-end capabilities which is a trademark strategy for these Sony devices.

Sony EX640 Netflix On Sony TV   Expand Your Entertainmet Level

You get complete 1080p HD resolution, which allows incredible brightness and picture clarity. You can observe noticeable advancements over traditional LCD screens due to the included Sony’s Motion flow XR 240 technology. The TV also detects the background lighting of the area, and makes changes to the screen brightness accordingly for the best clarity.

In terms of internet connectivity, the Sony LED EX640 includes a Wi-Fi adapter which allows you to connect with your existing wireless residence web connection. It offers access to a lot of online media like Facebook, Netflix and even YouTube. Sony additionally provides a multitude of features for example video up scaling and digital noise reduction which allows you to watch video at less noise and higher resolution.

The TV is very slim, and measures just 60 mm in width. The total measurement is about 941mm X 612mm X 60mm and only weighs about 11.5 KG.

Sony 46” LED EX 640

It is the next device in the EX series and this one comes with a bigger display screen size compared to the 40” LED EX640 product. There are no major differences in the specifications or features besides the larger screen size at 46”. The measurement of the device is 1074mm X 649mm X 60mm and only weighs at 13.7Kg. The big screen will obviously increase the power usage. It is available at $999.99.

Sony 54.6” LED EX 640

The next product in the EX collection is the Sony 54.6” LED EX640. The features and specifications remain exactly the same, only the size of screen improves to 54.6”. The measurement of the device is 1269mm X 760mm X 60mm and it weight about 15.9Kg. It is offered at $1499.99 that is definitely more costly than the predecessor.

Sony 60” LED EX 723

The top product in the EX series is definitely the 60” EX 723. It features a 60” screen and a lot more added capabilities compared to the LED EX 640 product. Along with a bigger screen size, you have inbuilt Wi-Fi and 3D capability. Therefore, you do not require any extra wired connection or adapters for hooking up your TELEVISION to the web and enjoy Netflix. The Internet TV with complete 1080p HD and 3D viewing feature provides an amazing Netflix watching experience for only $1899.99.

Sony EX730 Netflix On Sony TV   Expand Your Entertainmet Level

Additionally you get an X-Reality Engine option which adjusts 4 distinct video details related to color, contrast, outline and texture to boost the video quality. It is quite visible when viewing online streaming videos or discs. You also have built-in 2D to 3D transformation and lots of additional features including surround sound and 4 HDMI ports. The dimensions for the TV are 1389mm X 839mm X 41mm and it only weighs 25.3Kg.

Sony HX Series Sony 46” LED HX 750

The HX series includes 3D as a common feature across all the products, and you also get inbuilt Wi-Fi. As a result, the LED HX 750 is the most affordable in the class and it costs $1399.99. For this price, you have a 46” screen and many additional features varying from mobile devices to Wi-Fi connectivity, getting at online media like Skype, Netflix, and much more.

SONY KDL 37EX520 Netflix On Sony TV   Expand Your Entertainmet Level

Besides all of the capabilities which you have from the EX series, it is possible to link and share files from various mobile devices and smart phones. Just like all other brands, Sony additionally provides the choice of setting a solitary universal remote for every device which links to your home theater product.

Sony 46” LED HX 850

It is the next model, and the size of the screen is similar to the earlier model, although this model comes with the inclusion of any additional features. You have much more features with the 3D options, considerably more sound effects and clarity, but there are a few tilting features with the TELEVISION stand. The measurements are the exact same, however, the width of the TELEVISION reduces by 25mm, and the weight only increases by 2Kg. The amazing motion enhancers like Motion flow and X-Reality technologies enhance the picture quality and eradicate problems related to fps.

Sony 54.6” LED HX 750

The Sony 54.6″ is very similar to the 46” LED HX 750 in every aspect, apart from the price and size of the screen. Offered at $1899.99, it contains a larger 54.6” screen and the measurements rise to 1271mm X 761mm X 60mm. The weight of the TV is 19.2Kg. All other specifications and features remain exactly the same.

Sony 54.6” LED HX 850

This is also a larger model in comparison to the 46” HX 850 TV. And besides the screen size and price, there’re no noticeable changes. With a bigger screen size measuring at 54.6”, the dimensions of the TV increases to 1274mm X 750mm X 35mm, and weighs about 21.7Kg. This TV is offered at $2399.99, which is a bit costly compared to other models.

Sony 54.6” XBR HX 929

This is the 2nd most costly model from Sony and although it contains a 54.6” screen, this is presently being availed at a higher price compared to the priciest device in their collection. Normally, it retails for $3499.99 but currently its price is at $2999.99. This TV also includes some additional benefits and features.

sony XBR Netflix On Sony TV   Expand Your Entertainmet Level

By far the most valuable option is the sensor which detects viewers, and in the instance it fails to find anybody in front of the TV, it instantly shuts the TV off. The one drawback of this TV compared to the higher HX 729 model is the size of the screen, and the price of this TV is right now which is the highest in the industry.

Sony 64.5” LED HX 729

This device is the most costly model in the HX line-up, but has a bigger 64.5” screen. Regarding specifications and features, it is similar to all of the other products in this range, and you just get an extra screen dimension for the $700 premium. It is currently offered at $2699.99. In case you’re seeking for a big LED TV along with all the features of a smart TV and all the latest apps and features , this device is a good value for money.

Netflix Netflix On Sony TV   Expand Your Entertainmet Level

The only disadvantage with this TV might be the weight, or rather the size of the product. Their dimensions are 1496mm X 898mm X 59mm and weigh about 59Kg.

Way to Watch Netflix on Sony TV outside US

To view Netflix from outside of the US, you will have to hook up your TV via a router. Make sure you register with a Virtual Private Network company to sign up to their monthly Virtual Private Network plan which gives you access to an IP within US. Through the use of your TV and internet link through a server in US, you’ll be capable of accessing Netflix on your TV, regardless of your genuine physical location.