How to Watch Netflix on Sony Blu-Ray Players


Song How to Watch Netflix on Sony Blu Ray Players

Sony has been remarkably competitive when it comes to the Blu-Ray Players offered on the market. Getting to enjoy great quality and HD videos can be really fun and go the extra mile with your home entertainment. One of the best options for you to consider, if you are the proud owner of a Sony Blu-Ray Player is Netflix.

As one of the leaders in video on demand services, Netflix can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy more than 20,000 HD videos and this is something really looking forward to – wouldn’t you say so? We are sure as to your reply and this is what has driven us towards creating an article as to the way for everyone to watch Netflix on Sony Blu-Ray Players. Read all about it right away!

Two Methods for Watching Netflix on Blu-Ray Players

You can either use a wired or a wireless connection for enjoying Netflix on a Blu-Ray Player. Let’s have a look at both of them in a few simple steps.

Wired Connection

  • You get a network cable and you connect the one end to the LAN of your Blu-Ray Player and the other end to the router of yours, using the web.
  • You turn on your TV and of course the Blu-Ray Player. You select Home, then Internet Video and then Setup.
  • Go to Network Settings and select Enter.
  • From then on, you select Internet Settings and finally Wired Setup. The connection has been accomplished.
    Wireless Connection
  • You need to make sure that the Sony Blu-Ray Player you use has got in built wi-fi. If not, purchase a USB wireless adapter to do the trick.
  • You turn your Blu-Ray Player on and go to Home and Setup.
  • Then, you go to Network Settings, you press Enter and then you choose Internet Settings. Then, there is the option of selecting the Wireless Setup or the USB Wireless Setup, depending on the first step.
  • You can choose WPS, which is Wireless Protected Setup, if your router supports that.
  • You find your router and select it, you choose the security mode you are on and you write down the password requested for your router’s access.
  • Finally, you choose Auto for configuring your personal information as to the IP address and settings. Save & Connect and Enter are your last steps before enjoying your wireless connection.

Authentication of Your Blu-Ray Player on Netflix

This is the last thing you will need before proceeding with Netflixing all day long. So, it is totally worth it! We have created some guidelines as well, in order to facilitate the path for you to cross. Let’s start, shall we?

  • Of course, you turn on your TV and Blu-Ray Player, since otherwise none of the below matters. You go to Home, then Network and you click on Activate Enhanced Features. Alternatively (if you cannot see such an option), you click on Internet Video and then try once more before clicking on Select.
  • There is a registration code displayed on your TV and you have to write it down somewhere and go to Sony Essentials for getting the code on your Sony Store account for verification.
  • You go to Netflix and you create an account, if you do not have one. Guidelines are available for accessing Netflix all over the world and creating a valid Netflix account. Apparently, for accounts overseas you will be required to use VPN.
  • Then, you select Home, Video, Netflix and Select respectively on your TV.
  • There is another code on your TV now. You write it down and then you go to Your Account, Activate a Device and enter the code before activating it.
  • Watch Instantly and Home are your next moves. After that, you are ready to queue any movie you want to and click on Play for watching it in full HD and with the wonderful feeling of accomplishment overwhelming you!

Although this might seem a bit too much, once you get started you feel eager to complete the process and start watching all you have been searching for. Enjoy your Sony Blu-Ray Player and have fun with the amazing Netflix within your reach.