How to Watch Netflix on Samsung TV Worldwide – Awesome Details!


Samsung How to Watch Netflix on Samsung TV Worldwide   Awesome Details!

Samsung TV is a great option for everybody who wishes get great performance while enjoying HD content and interacting with the web and the potentials it can offer. The remarkable variations make Samsung TV accessible to all budgets and so the various different options have been welcomed by customers everywhere.

One of the striking features of Samsung TV is its ability to connect online and help you access Netflix. This is by far the most spectacular benefit offered for millions of viewers, who have already subscribed to this video on demand service.

Since all fairy tales are in need of a villain, there is a catch for us to deal with in the field of accessing Netflix on Samsung TV worldwide (as the title most eloquently describes). The thing is that Netflix is a geo-blocked website and this means that only American residents can enjoy its full content. There are few other versions of Netflix, featuring the service provided in Latin America and Canada. Still, the content is a lot poorer there and people wish to get the original taste of Netflix. Below, you get to find all the answers as to how we can confront with such a catch. Stay tuned and see for yourselves!

VPN Used for Unblocking Netflix Worldwide

Netflix allows access only to people living in the States, as we have mentioned above. Your location becomes evident only from the IP address that you are handed out by your ISP. So, what you need to do in order to conceal your own IP address and change it with a US IP address is to use VPN and choose a US based server. Within flashes of moments, you will have succeeded in your goal and you will be approved of entering Netflix. The same procedure obviously applies when you wish to unblock other content, too. Hulu Plus, Pandora and BBC iPlayer are just few of the websites you can enjoy globally.

From all the top VPN providers that we have come up with testing all this time, HMA Pro VPN has made the optimum impression for numerous different reasons. They all add to your overall contentment and therefore we strongly suggest that you make use of HMA for enjoying Netflix on Samsung TV without any discomfort.

Creating an Account on Netflix

In order for you to enter Netflix and access the wonderful content it can provide, you need to have a valid Netflix account. If you already have a US Netflix account (and any other version of Netflix will do) you can use it for accessing Netflix. If you don’t though, you will need to create one from scratch here. The guidelines are pretty easy and you will be over within moments. In specific:

  1. You subscribe to a VPN provider and you change your IP address, so that you appear to connect from the US.
  2. You visit Netflix.
  3. You sign up making use of a US address, which can be fake (they will never check). Just make sure that you use a valid zip codes.
  4. Continue with your credit card information prior to the payment (typically MasterCard and Visa are acceptable). Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards.
  5. You’re in! Enjoy!

Connecting VPN on Your Samsung TV Worldwide

Now that you have completed the procedure for creating a Netflix account and having subscribed to VPN, what is left is for you to connect VPN on your Samsung TV and enjoy Netflix. You will have to make use of a router (Tomato or DD-WRT) for successfully running the connection. You can now connect your Samsung TV with the router either with the use of Ethernet cables or with the wi-fi built-in and share VPN in this way.

As soon as you have done that and provided that you have already turned your VPN on and have chosen a US based server, you will be expected to download the Netflix app on your Samsung TV and begin watching everything you like. It is definitely something looking forward to and worth taking the trouble and completing as a task. You will see!