Netflix on Samsung Smart TV Anywhere – Mission Accomplished


Netflix on Samsung Smart TV1 Netflix on Samsung Smart TV Anywhere   Mission Accomplished

One of the smashing models of Smart TVs anywhere is indeed Samsung Smart TV, with amazing graphics, wonderfully detailed definition and the ability to bring the web on your flat TV. The whole world is revealed before your eyes and you are in utter control through your remote.

3D is a reality nowadays with Samsung Smart TV and all users have been taken away by the special additions and the unique features that are included for home entertainment. Free downloading of the apps in the Samsung Apps store is available and this enhances even more your overall Internet experience. In specific, more than 718 blu-ray and TV apps can be accessible to you and some fine examples feature Videos (Netflix, Pandora, Vudu), Sports (NBA, NHL, MLB), Games (Texas Holdem, Sudoku) and Info (Accuweather, Time TV).

As you can imagine, there is always a thorn in every rose. Not all apps are accessible to everybody due to geographical restrictions. So, an American resident can enjoy Netflix on his Samsung Smart TV whereas on other side, one from outside the US will not be granted access to the very same channel.

What can you do now if you wish to unblock such apps and be able to watch everything without any exception, regardless of your location? Fear not, our friends! We have come up with a way to strip the rose off its thorn; or, to state it more eloquently, we have come up with a way to enjoy Netflix on Samsung Smart TV outside US and anywhere in the whole wide world!

Is It Worth Using VPN on Your Samsung Smart TV?

Of course it is! The main benefit of VPN is that it tunnels your personal information, it encrypts your data and thus it helps you conceal your personal IP address. In this way, you can appear to be anywhere in the world and not be held accountable for the substitution of your exact IP address.

VPN on Samsung Smart TV Netflix on Samsung Smart TV Anywhere   Mission Accomplished

So, if you want to grab hold of US apps on your Samsung Smart TV anywhere, you simply need to get an American IP address. You simply connect through the use of a US based server and you are in! You can now unblock all the US apps that you had not had access to before. It is so simple, yet so effective at the same time!

Apart from this unblocking ability, you can also enjoy full anonymity with VPN. This allows you to surf the web anonymously, thus in full confidentiality. This is always reassuring to know, as there are a lot of dangers that you had better bypass online. Not only will you be able to use VPN on your Samsung Smart TV, but literally in all your devices, both portable and not.

You can connect to the web without leaving a trace, whether you use your desktop or laptop, your tablet or iPhone, your iPad or an Android. Gaming consoles can even make use of VPN and this highlights the full flexibility that you get to enjoy.

How to Connect VPN on Samsung Smart TV

In order to put VPN into effect and start using it on your Samsung Smart TV anywhere, you will need to get a DD-WRT or Tomato router that runs VPN and then connect your Smart TV with the router. Luckily enough, there are several simple guidelines as to how you can complete this process promptly and without any discomfort from all of the top VPN providers. Apart from that, you can use our guide as to How to Share a VPN Connection in Windows or of course get to look at how to link VPN in Mac OS and X.

Setting Up a Netflix Account Anywhere

Of course, before being able to enter Netflix, you will need a valid Netflix account. You can create one, making sure that you have switched your IP address with one coming from the US using a quality VPN just like HideMyAss! Pro. In this way, you will be able to complete the registration without being spotted as an outsider trying to access US content (there are versions of Netflix in Canada, UK, the Netherlands and Latin America, but the US version is much better as a whole).

Setup Netflix Account Netflix on Samsung Smart TV Anywhere   Mission Accomplished

When you fill in the application for your registration in Netflix online, you will be asked for a US address. You can Google an address randomly, since there will be no verification of such data. What needs to be taken into account is the zip code, which needs to be a valid one with 5 digits. For instance, you can use 90210. For further information on how to complete the setup, you can check out our article on the How to Get a US Netflix Account outside US subject.

The Verdict

So, we hope that you have enjoyed our article on how to become a part of the fun from Netflix. You do not need to physically be in the United States so as to enjoy such great content from Netflix any more! Have fun!