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Netflix on Samsung Blue ray Players Netflix on Samsung Blue ray Players   Complete Fun

Samsung provides a broad range of feature-rich Blue-ray players which can be linked to your HD TV. Samsung also has introduced lots of Blue-ray disc players with different prices and features.

In terms of the pricing of the devices, Samsung variety basically starts at $109.99 and goes as high as $229.99. It’s possible to find discounts as well as get special offers when searching for Samsung Blue-ray disc players. It could be surprising to you to realize that Samsung gadgets usually get much expensive or cheaper in comparison to their listed prices primarily due to the lack of or availability of stock.

The Samsung Blue-ray disc player can be linked to the internet; but, Wi-Fi is merely available for selected gadgets- other gadgets will have to do with either external Wi-Fi adapters or Ethernet. A complete 1080p HD watching experience is assured, and just like the 3D playback, Wi-Fi is also only available on selected products. In terms of internet media access, Samsung provides quite a lot of applications for accessing YouTube, Netflix, CinemaNow, Pandora and Vudu. All these apps are easily accessible for installation and download through the Smart Hub, an amazing online application platform for Samsung.

There’re eight unique models in the Samsung Blue-ray collection of devices, with four of them being the most recent additions to the Blue-ray portfolio. The measurements of the base variety of BD-E series gadgets are similar; the newer and top quality gadgets are distinct in prices, form, features and design.

Samsung BD-E5300 3D Blue-ray Player

It is the basic level Samsung gadget and available at $109.99, that is costly as compared to other basic level gadgets in the category. They’re some features that can justify the price, to the defense of Samsung. The dimension of the device is 14.7”x1.46”x7.6”and weighs only at 2.9 lbs. The device is styled in a shiny metal black finish, there is a Samsung logo, an eject button, an LED screen, the disc tray, a play/pause button, a USB port and a power on/off button on the front side of the gadget. On the back side of the device, you will find the power slot, the HDMI out, the Coaxial Audio out and the Ethernet port.

Start the gadget and you’re welcomed by numerous options which are unique to Samsung gadgets. Besides Netflix, you are able to use the AllShare feature, which allows you to connect and synchronize all of your Samsung gadgets to watch and access files, videos, photos, music and other multimedia from your cameras, tabs, mobile phones and laptops. In case you’re finding all sorts of remote control gadgets messing up your living area, you can utilize the Anynet+ option that enables you to use a solitary remote control for all your Samsung gadgets. This option is common with all the Blue-ray as well as other online media streaming gadgets in the sector.

When you have complete 1080p HD support, it isn’t usually a simple task to control your viewing resolution so that it is most suitable for the video that you’re currently playing. The BD Wise feature from Samsung automatically finds the ideal resolution for video playback. It does this by figuring out different parameters to ensure that you do not need to make any changes manually. The interface for this Samsung player is pretty fresh and funky, along with a 3D look and experience for all menus. The features for animation and the fading effect bring charm to the interface, and are also simple to use and incredibly fast. The audio capabilities are very high-tech, with Dolby options readily accessible.

Samsung BD-E5700 Smart 3D Blue-ray Player with InBuilt Wi-Fi

This is the second model and it is a step up from the BD-E5300. The product includes inbuilt Wi-Fi by default. Besides the Wi-Fi connection feature, it is quite similar to the BD-E5300. It has the similar features to the basic level model, although with the add-on of a HD Up-conversion option. The HD up-conversion function is just like the HD up scaling option available for all key Blu-ray players.

The feature gives you the capability of converting a standard video directly into HD format. The additional cost which you’ve to pay for added HD up scaling and Wi-Fi capability is $40. This means the product is available at $149.99.

Samsung BD-E5900 3D Blue-ray Player With InBuilt Wi-Fi

It is the top quality model of the BD-E5 range of players, and the design as well as measurement is just like the previous versions. The only additional feature that you get is the 3D playback. The rest of the functions remain similar to the BD-E5700 model. You also find a few changes to the user interface where you find access to a full-fledged internet browser from a perfect internet browsing experience, as well as a BD Wise Web capability. This option allows you to watch your video disc playback with the best resolution, and it as well enables you to enjoy online streaming movies at their ideal resolution.

Currently this gadget includes standard 3D, Wi-Fi features and a number of other features. Available at $179.99, it’s not in any manner expensive as compared to other gadgets of this type. There is also a Quick-start feature which starts up the gadget within half a second. Therefore, you have lots of functionality and features to the BD-E5900 Samsung 3D blue-ray player for your needs.

Samsung BD-ES6000 3D Blu-ray Disc Player With Inbuilt Wi-Fi

This device is a sleek and stylish offering from the Samsung which includes all the capabilities of the BD-E5900 model; however the Coaxial Digital Audio output is replaced by the Optical Digital Audio output. The measurement of the device is 7.36”x7.36”x2.2, and only weighs about 2.34 lbs. Its design is simple and clean and requires a lot less space compared to typical Blu-ray disc players. This device is available at $229.99 which is certainly expensive. The only real comfort and ease is that the size of this device is small.

Samsung BD-E5900 Blu-Ray with Inbuilt Wi-Fi

It is very similar in features and configuration to the Samsung BD-E5900 and the Samsung BD-ES6000. The dimension of the gadget is 16.9”x8.1”x1.3”, and weighs at 3.97 lbs. The design of the device is pleasing and extremely modern, with a shiny black with metallic base finishing. There’re some simple modifications regarding accessibility for this gadget in comparison to the cheaper BD-E5900 model.

The LED screen is replaced with a VFD display. This gives the gadget a far more advanced look. The monitor is easier and sharper to see and a lot more information offered. An optical digital audio out replaced the coaxial digital audio out. All other interfaces and features are similar, but there’s a premium for all these additional features. You’ll require spending $229.99 for purchasing this gadget.

Watching Netflix on Samsung Blue-ray Players – Outside US

Watching Netflix on Samsung Blu-Ray Players outside US is impossible without the use of a Virtual Private Network service. Netflix primarily serves the UK and US demographics; the IP address of a user is easily checked via the IP.

In case your IP is from out of the US, you’ll have to sign up to a Virtual Private Network service provider, like the top 3 VPN providers in the following table, to get an IP from the US. Regarding a Virtual Private Network service using your Samsung Blue-ray disc player, you may need a Virtual Private Network router, or download a Virtual Private Network app which can be installed to your gadget.

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