Netflix On LG Blu-Ray Players – Enhance Your Netflix Streaming Experience


LG1 Netflix On LG Blu Ray Players   Enhance Your Netflix Streaming Experience

LG is among the giants in the field of entertainment media systems and its reputation has been increasing rapidly. With state of the art equipment and with advanced gadgets being released over time, LG is proud to present LG Blu-Ray Players. They get to offer high definition and they help customers get exactly what they want when it comes to home entertainment.

So, if you are a fan of such technology and you are dying to watch Netflix on LG Blu-Ray Players for the top performance EVER, then you should stick with us. We can provide you with all the pieces of information that will come in handy to you and will help you enjoy great content and unique series, such as House of Cards, in 1080p HD.

Modernity and Diversity in Home Entertainment

Among LG Blu-Ray Players you can find quite a few models, offering great special features and unique connectivity. You can find built-in wi-fi and of course the use of Ethernet cables to your best benefit and convenience. The Blu-Ray Players are used in Smart TV with the ultimate experience in the field of quality and detail. Of course, their price rates can vary a great deal according to what they have got to offer you.

You can get your hands on an LG Blu-Ray Player with a little over $60.00, but the cost might go up to $150.00 or even more. It is up to you to enjoy such features of these Blu-Ray Players that can use 3D, Blu-Ray discs and online channels. There is a plethora of benefits when you get the chance to purchase such a gadget from LG, when compared with other consoles and gadgets such as Roku.

How to Watch Netflix on Such Spectacular Devices

You can use the LG Blu-Ray and access Netflix through LAN or wi-fi, but of course using a router can also work wonders for you. Especially if you wish to enjoy Netflix from outside US and thus you have to bypass the obstacle of your physical location, then the use of VPN is imperative. As for the guidelines regarding your connection, they are quite simple:

  • You get to turn on your LG Blu-Ray Player.
  • First choice of yours should be the “Home” button.
  • You choose the “Premium” on the screen display and the “Enter” key on the remote control.
  • Then, you choose the “Movie”, “Enter”, “Netflix” and “Enter” again on your remote.
  • “Activate Instant Streaming from Netflix” should then be chosen on your behalf, which will then lead to an activation code emerging.
  • You get to open the page and log in to your account.
  • Finally, you enter the activation code that has been given to you on step 5 and click on the respective button. That’s it!

Before we leave you, here are some simple guidelines as to how you can sign up for a US Netflix account outside US (if you already have an account in another version of Netflix, it is perfectly OK and does not require anything else).

  • First of all, you subscribe to one of the top VPN providers, such as HideMyAss Pro VPN. In this way you change your IP address respectively, so that you appear from the US.
  • You visit Netflix and set US as your default location.
  • You sign up making use of a US address, which can be fake (they will never check). Just make sure that you use a valid zip codes.
  • Continue with your credit card information prior to the payment (typically MasterCard and Visa are acceptable). Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards.
  • You’re in! Enjoy!