How to Unblock Netflix on iPhone outside US – the World in Your Hands


Netflix on iPhone Outside US How to Unblock Netflix on iPhone outside US   the World in Your Hands

It is always handy to be able and enjoy online streaming, even when you are not at home or somewhere when you can use conventional devices (be it your desktop, laptop, Apple TV and so on). The iPhone has become popular due to its convenient design and its remarkable special features and this is why it is essential that we find out how we can unblock online streaming services on our iPhone.

Above anything else, Netflix is a wonderful video streaming service with millions of subscribers and awesome content to carry you away. The truth is that Netflix is just a small bit away from being regarded as the perfect entertainment option. What keeps it from being perfect though is its restriction policy.

It is true that Netflix cannot be accessed worldwide and so only US residents can take pride in enjoying its HD stuff. So, what we want to do is make Netflix accessible to everybody throughout the world. In this way, you can enjoy such glorious content even if you are an expat, a student or a business man traveling overseas or even a foreigner, who is enthusiast of online streaming. Stick with us and learn all about unblocking Netflix on iPhone outside US – no matter wherever you’re!

Making Use of VPN for Such an Outcome

It is evident that what keeps you from enjoying Netflix on your iPhone if outside US is your IP address. So, what you ought to think of is a way to fake your IP address and use one from the US. Well, we know that this is tricky to accomplish, yet we know the answer. When you use VPN, you connect to the web using a US based server (or any other of your choice) and therefore you are handed out an American IP address.

In this way, you can be granted access to Netflix without any further to do. The whole process is simple as pie and everybody can do that within moments. Similarly, you can access almost all websites and apps, using the proper server at a time – for example, you’ll need to use a UK server for connecting BBC iPlayer.

There are a decent number of good VPN service providers that you can choose from, but none of them is as reliable and consistent as HideMyAss. With the vast variety of servers located in every inch of the planet and with a great many US based servers for unblocking the Netflix, Hulu and so forth, your choice is simpler than it seems to be.

Of course, you will be required to configure some settings after your subscription with HMA, but the guidelines will be sent to you via email after the completion of your payment. There are step by step options for you to follow and have everything ready before you know it. If you don’t like manual configurations, HideMyAss has an iOS app for its users as well that you can install on your iPhone.

Creating a Netflix Account and Enjoying US iTunes

Now, what you need to do before being ready to enjoy Netflix on your iPhone is to create an account and download the Netflix app on your iPhone. You can find guidelines for the first requirement being need of a US Netflix account here. As for the second requirement being Netflix app download, it is true that you have to access US iTunes, in order to be able to download the Netflix app.

If you are not a US resident, then you have to purchase an online gift card (one of the trusted vendors is buyfrompowerseller) and then redeem it on iTunes. That pretty much covers ALL, there is nothing more for you to worry about! Enjoy!