Learn How to Watch Netflix on iPad, Anywhere Worldwide


Watch Netflix on iPad Learn How to Watch Netflix on iPad, Anywhere Worldwide

You probably know already, Netflix is an American company that provides entertainment in the form of movies and TV series online. The company has an unrivaled collection of these forms of entertainment. While in the recent years the company has been expanding into other countries beyond the US, it remains that the US version of Netflix is the most desirable as it contains the best content.

For a US resident, watching Netflix from iPad or iPhone is a non-complicated affair since all that one needs to do is log into Netflix with a valid account and stream the movies or series. The problem arises when a US resident is traveling overseas, or a person residing outside the US wants to watch Netflix’s complete and genuine US content.

This is because Netflix does not broadcast its US content to users overseas; simply because it has only paid for the rights to sell that content within US, alone. When Netflix determines that a user is not in the US, they restrict access to their US content.

So you want iPad Netflix, right? To access Netflix from iPad, it is essential that you use a VPN. Now, to understand why you need a VPN, let us first determine how Netflix isolates users from outside the US. Netflix uses your iPad’s IP address to determine its location in the world, prior to permitting you to access US content. Therefore, if you have a way through which you could obtain a real US IP address, then it is obvious that you can access the US Version of Netflix from any place in the world.

Now what a VPN connection does is it gives you the option to choose an IP address from anywhere in the world, so that you can virtually reside in any country that you want. If you desire an IP address from the UK, for example, you will connect to a VPN server in the UK and voila! You are now virtually in UK. In the same way, if you want to watch Netflix on iPad from outside the US, you should connect to a VPN server within US and Netflix will allow you access since they could find your IP being of a location within US.

How to set up VPN for iPad

Again, to access the US version of Netflix on iPad, you need to have a VPN connection. So, how do you set up VPN on an iPad?

The first thing you need to get is a good VPN provider. A good provider is one who will give you many servers to choose from, unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds to enable streaming and good additional services like data encryption, all for a reasonable price. The provider must also support iPad. You have the final word on the provider of choice but we would recommend going for HideMyAss to watch Netflix on your iPad.

Now the iPad has a VPN interface built into it – so you will not have to download VPN software. All you need to do is sign up for VPN service with your provider (ideally with HideMyAss), after which you will get a list of connection details which you will enter in the iPad’s VPN interface as follows.

Step# 1

Make sure that you iPad is disconnected from wireless connection.

Step# 2

Go to VPN by clicking on settings then general then networks. The iPad will prompt you to change the configuration.

Step# 3

Enter your security protocol option. You will have chosen a security protocol as you register for the VPN service from the VPN provider. You will have options like L2TP, PPTP or IPsec.

Step# 4

Give your VPN connection a unique name in the Description so that you can differentiate it from other providers. Under server, enter the DNS given to you by your VPN provider.

Step# 5

Enter you account username and password as received from your VPN provider appropriately. Remember to have RSA SecurlD switched off, with Encryption Level and Send All Traffic switched on.

Step# 6

Save the whole set up and you are now good to go. You can switch you VPN connection on and off from the settings tab. If you experience any problems connecting, get in touch with the customer care department of your VPN provider.

To access Netflix from iPad, switch on your VPN connection (connect to a US server) and simply download the Netflix app (you might need to pay for it via your credit card or it can be done via gift certificates as well), and log in.

It goes without saying that you will need to have an active and paid for Netflix account for all this to happen. That’s all it takes for having iPad Netflix, enjoying Netflix from iPad with a VPN will give you pure entertainment, regardless of where you are located. Hope you like our guide about unblocking Netflix from iPad – and if you’ve any problem or comment, please let us hear via comment box below.