Watching Netflix on iPad Mini outside US – Instructions for Awesome Results


Netflix on iPad Mini Watching Netflix on iPad Mini outside US   Instructions for Awesome Results

From the moment Apple introduced iPad Mini on the market, sales have gone up dramatically. This can be totally justified, since this is actually a pretty cool iPad with great special features and state of the art design. So, it is true that many people have been purchasing such a gadget for the top performance and the best flexibility as to its use. However, even if you have purchased such a modern and efficient iPad and you want to enjoy Netflix online, you cannot do that unless you live in the US.

The fact is that Netflix is a geo-blocked website and this means that there are copyright restrictions that hold you back from enjoying US Netflix from Russia or from India, for example. Of course, there are several other versions of Netflix still available (for instance, versions in Canada and Latin America), but they have nothing to do with the quality and quantity of the US content.

So, the question is evident among all users of the lovely iPad Mini: “How can somebody watch Netflix on iPad Mini outside US? Is there any way?” Well, we are glad to inform you that there is a way and that the whole process is much simpler than you would have ever imagined. So, stick with us in order to find out yourself.

VPN Working Wonders towards Unblocking Netflix outside US

One thing that you cannot do without in your effort of watching Netflix on iPad Mini outside US is the use of VPN. In fact, this is the number one weapon of yours in this fight towards gaining top quality content. What is the problem with accessing Netflix internationally is the physical location of yours. If for example you are located in Italy, then once you attempt to access US Netflix, the website will identify you as an Italian resident through your IP address.

As a consequence, you will be denied entry to the insuperable content of Netflix. If you are wondering how you can tackle with such a problem, VPN will show you the way. You can choose any US based server included in your VPN provider and therefore you will be given a US IP address. So, now Netflix will identify you as an American resident and thus grant you the access to get in and enjoy unique content. Amazing, but true!

How to Create a Netflix Account

OK, so now you know how important VPN can be for accessing Netflix on iPad Mini outside US. However, you still do not know how you can create a US Netflix account. Apparently, if you are just an expat or a tourist with a valid US Netflix account, you can use that. Similarly, if you have Netflix account in any of the other Netflix versions, you can use them as well and your US IP address will redirect you to the proper website. Still, if you do not have any of the above, you will have to create a US Netflix account right from scratch.

Below we have got everything that you need, so as to create such an account promptly and effectively:

  1. First of all, you subscribe to one of the top VPN providers such as HideMyAss and you change your IP address respectively, so that you appear from the US.
  2. You visit Netflix and set US as your default location (in case it is not done automatically).
  3. You sign up making use of a US address, which can be fake (they will never check, not to worry!). Just make sure that you use a valid zip code.
  4. Continue with your credit card information prior to the payment (typically MasterCard and Visa are acceptable). Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards.

How to Install Netflix App on your iPad Mini

Obviously, if you have installed Netflix app previously you do not need to worry about that now. Still, if you have never installed the app, you will be expected to do so. This might pose some trouble on you, since you will have to proceed with that through the US iTunes. Since you cannot switch countries from one moment to the next, you will have to purchase one of the online gift cards available within your reach and redeem it on iTunes. From then on, you can change your country to the US and get to download the Netflix app without any additional discomfort.

So, after all that you can enjoy watching Netflix on iPad Mini outside US and have access to thousands of HD movies, series and shows. The same process applies to other iPads as well, so you are welcome to try it out and see for yourself. Enjoy!