How to Watch Netflix On Apple TV in Australia


Netfilx on AppleTV in Australia How to Watch Netflix On Apple TV in Australia

If you’re searching for a way to use and enable Netflix on the Apple TV from Australia then continue reading. In this guide we’ll give you a few ways through which you can enjoy Netflix on your Apple TV in Australia.

To begin with, you require a Netflix account; so let’s get started with it. The major issue here is that Netflix is not officially available in Australia. You, therefore, need a way to create a Netflix account to enjoy US Netflix in Australia – whenever you want.

Mask Your Location to Make a Netflix Account in Australia

The root of our problems is anchored in the fact that Netflix uses our IP address to identify our current location. Since we know this, all we have to do is to change our present IP address for an American IP address. You can do this by different means including switching to free IPs, free proxies, VPN and so on. We prefer to do it by connecting to a VPN with a server based in United States, simply because it’s very SECURE and simple!

As mentioned already, it is quite simple to connect with a VPN using a server based in U.S, since typically all of the major VPN services companies offer extremely simple setups and a lot of server choices within a single country. We prefer HideMyAss Pro VPN, as its services in this state are excellent. All you need to do is install their software for Mac or PC and then choose a United States server through the drop-down list – yes, you’ll be provided with a huge list of US bases servers. We believe that is one of the biggest advantages this VPN offers.

After a few seconds your device will be connected through an US IP address. The next step is to reload the Netflix site and start the sign-up procedure. Remember to use a five digit zip code when registering your credit card information, otherwise the process will fail. You now have a Netflix account and you can use it on your Apple TV.

How to Enable Netflix on Your Australian Apple TV

Simply go to the settings menu of the Apple TV and switch your location from Australia to US to enable the application. Now, on the overview page you’ll see the Netflix icon. However, you’ll still be unable to link to the service because Netflix can still identify your location as the Apple TV is still not yet connected to Virtual Private Network.

An Apple TV itself cannot connect to a VPN but this hurdle is pretty simple to overcome. For this, you will need to connect the Apple TV to a router linked to a VPN. In this way the Apple TV will have all data sent through the VPN server and it will look like it’s located in United States. It’s important to let you know we have created a separate guideline for linking a router to Virtual Private Network.

Another thing to note is that not every router will be capable of this, the router has to support VPN. We recommend using the Asus router because it supports DD-WRT and works perfectly for connecting to VPN.

So that’s all you need to do in order to watch Netflix on Apple tv in Australia, actually as we already stated on top – via this trick you can get to watch Netflix on an Apple TV worldwide. Enjoy icon smile How to Watch Netflix On Apple TV in Australia