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Netflix on Android Outside US Android Netflix   Watch Netflix on Android Outside US, Worldwide

So you still might be questioning, “Can I really Watch Netflix from Android?”. Well, A few weeks ago the title above was not even a possibility since Netflix did not have an Android app. But that is all history now, tablet and smart phone users, welcome to Netflix on Android. Your tablet’s entertainment value just shot up. But before you get very excited, here is some unfortunate news; unless you live in the US, Netflix on Android might disappoint you.

This is simply because the Netflix catalog available outside the US is very shallow. To enjoy Netflix, you really must have a US account. And that is a problem for users outside the US, regardless of whether they are on Android or PC.

But there is a way to get past the Netflix geographical blockade. Before we look at that way, we need to know how Netflix determines our location. Well, Netflix just checks your IP address and if they find that you are not located in the US, they direct you to your local version of Netflix or completely deny you access.

It is becoming clear that to gain access to Netflix outside US on Android, we need a way to get a US IP address. Now, the trick up our sleeves is something called VPN (Virtual Private Network). In case you are not familiar with VPN, it is a service whereby your Android device goes through a Virtual Private Server before it connects to sites so that your IP address is hidden and the site you visit will only see the IP address of the VPN server.

This means that if you use a VPN service with servers in the US, you will get a US IP address and Netflix on Android from outside the US will become a reality for you.

There are many VPN providers out here but only a few have the necessary bandwidth to allow smooth streaming from Netflix, and even a fewer of them support Android. A popular provider who qualifies on all these fronts is Hide My Ass Pro. The UK based provider has many servers in the US, supports Android and is very affordable, especially if you pay annually.

Once you have a VPN up and ready, enter the setting you receive on your android device. The exact procedure depends on the model of your device. After setting up the VPN connection you can now head to the Android market and download the Netflix app.

If you have a Netflix account you can just log in and stream your favorite movies. If you do not have a Netflix account, you can now register for one. Make sure you use a US credit card or a Netflix gift card when paying otherwise your account application will not go through. For better and complete guidance about getting a Netflix account, please go thorough our detailed guide on getting a US Netflix account.

That’s it… Go ahead and make your friends envious icon wink Android Netflix   Watch Netflix on Android Outside US, Worldwide