How to Watch Netflix in Vietnam – Unveiling the Mystery


Netflix in Vietnam How to Watch Netflix in Vietnam   Unveiling the Mystery

Netflix is by far the ultimate way for people to indulge in online streaming and nobody can argue with that. However, since it is geo-blocked it is only available for viewing in the US. Due to the constantly expanding customers’ data base, Netflix has come up with some other versions in Latin America, UK and Canada – but they are inevitably inferior to the original version! Still, countries such as Vietnam do not have any access to Netflix and this is devastating for Vietnamese.

After having listened to their complaints and in the aim of bettering the odds of recreation for everyone worldwide, it is our pleasure to offer you the guidelines needed for unblocking Netflix from Vietnam. Stick with us and learn all about it!

Using VPN for Unblocking Netflix in Vietnam

If you try now to access Netflix from Vietnam, you will be displayed a message that informs you of your lack of ability to go on. Your physical location is to blame for that and this is reflected through your IP address. If you do not know what it is, think of an online identity. Through such an identity, every website is informed about your location in the world. Fortunately enough, there is a way for you to substitute such an online identity. VPN is in fact the weapon that you are going to put into effect, in order to fake your location and manage to access US Netflix.

First off, you ought to choose one of the best VPNs available on the planet. Because they’re not only reliable, but can live up to your expectations for smooth online streaming without delays or interruptions. Then, after having downloaded the respective app and after having made the configurations you are ready to select a US based server from the VPN’s list. This will allow you to change your IP address and obtain a new one from the United States. After the change of your personal information, next time you visit Netflix you will access its content without fail. Following that, there is just one step for you to take. Let’s move on!

Creating a Netflix Account from Scratch in Vietnam

Now, the only thing that is left for you to do is to create a Netflix account. Of course, everyone who already has a Netflix account can use it without any problem in the process. For all the rest people who do not have any, below you can find some simple guidelines that will make this path pretty simple and easy to complete.

The first step that you ought to take is to sign up using an American name and address (again making sure that your VPN connection is on). There is no need for you to worry, since Netflix does not have the will to check your info. The only detail that needs to be taken into account is the zip code that you insert. For accurate zip codes from the US, you can check here.

Then, another obstacle that needs to be bypassed is the payment method that you include. Despite the fact that Netflix offers a free month as a trial, there is still the need of placing a valid and genuine payment method. You can use a credit or debit card (typically, cards from the US are always acceptable-still, some others internationally might do!) or you can use Netflix gift cards that can be bought from third party vendors like this one.

After these simple yet important steps, you are in! You log in and you start savoring the HD videos of your liking! Hope you enjoy, have fun!