Learn to Watch US Netflix in Trinidad and Tobago


Netflix in Trinidad and Tobago Learn to Watch US Netflix in Trinidad and Tobago

Netflix has finally arrived in Trinidad and Tobago; however the content available is extremely limited. Some of the US content is available but most is not. Luckily there is a simple trick to allow you to access the American version of Netflix from Trinidad and Tobago.

Fake Your Location to watch US Netflix in Trinidad and Tobago

It couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is to convince the Netflix Server that you are connecting from inside the US. This can be achieved using a Virtual Private Network. The VPN Company will allow you to connect to their server which is based in the US. This will allow you to access the US version of Netflix while in Trinidad and Tobago. It has the added advantage of keeping all of your internet traffic safe and private.

What is the Best VPN?

The most important thing to consider when streaming Netflix through a VPN is speed. Obviously everyone will be concerned with price as well.

We have reviewed hundreds of VPN providers and you can check out the reviews here. The winner is almost always HideMyAss. HMA has a huge number of servers so even on the rare occasion that one slows down, you simply have to jump to another server and keep watching.

HideMyAss is also incredibly easy to use, you just have to download the APP, enter your login details and you will be connected to a US server in no time. It really is that easy we hope you enjoyed the article and that you are watch in your favorite US Netflix content in Trinidad and Tobago right Now! Should you’ve any question or comment, please use the comments section below.