How to Watch Netflix in Switzerland – Great Guidelines Provided


Netflix in Switzerland How to Watch Netflix in Switzerland   Great Guidelines Provided

People in Switzerland have managed to enjoy great food, awesome landscapes and of course Swiss chocolate, which is probably one of the top chocolates in the whole wide world. So, if you are thinking of visiting the country, these are some of the reasons that should motivate you towards bringing that thought into life. However, even in the most amazing places, there are some defects that we need to bear or else learn how to overcome. One such fine example is the lack of full accessibility when it comes to the Internet. To be more precise, people in Switzerland are not able to watch Netflix. Isn’t it a pity, especially for people who take pride in their living standards?

Well, we feel for residents within Switzerland. All at once, we feel for students and tourists, as much as business men who happen to pass by the country and still want to keep track of their fave shows or series. There is nothing wrong about that and this is why we have come up with this article. Below, you will find all the info required for unblocking Netflix in Switzerland. Even for all those doubting Thomases out there, we recommend to stick around and see with their own eyes!

How to Use VPN for Reaching Your Goal

Whenever you try to visit Netflix within Switzerland, the website identifies you as a foreigner. There is nothing magic about the identification of your physical location. On the contrary, your IP address is what reveals your identity and therefore your location in the world. In order for you to bypass such a barrier, you will need to conceal your IP address and get to find another one from the States. Since is Geo-restricted and full access is only available for US residents, this is the solution to your problem.

If you think that you cannot handle such an amendment of your personal information, you are mistaken. With the use of VPN, everything can be completed in a few moments’ time. You just turn on your VPN and select a US based server. Then, as soon as the connection has been accomplished you will notice that your IP address has changed and that you now appear to have American details.

So, now there is nothing stopping you from accessing Netflix in Switzerland! Apparently (obviously), for turning on your VPN you must have first subscribed to one of the VPN service providers available successfully. We recommend using HideMyAss Pro, since we have tested it thoroughly and the results have been amazing. Additionally, you can expect to get great performance by the abundant servers which spread all over the world and allow the unblocking of hundreds of other websites and apps. Not to mention that the all-inclusive plans of HMA are greatly affordable!

Netflix Account: How to Create One?

For those who have a Netflix account, you can skip this part of the article. For the rest who do not though, you are welcome to learn all about how to create a valid US Netflix account within flashes of moments. Since we understand your eagerness to reach out for great online streaming, here are the guidelines:

  1. As stated above, you need to have your VPN turned on.
  2. Start your signing up with the use of a US address (don’t worry, you can use any bogus address, because they do not verify the information you provide). The only catch is for you to use a valid US zip code here.
  3. Moving forward, you will be expected to fill in your payment method. Don’t be confused with the free trial of Netflix. Even for the free trial, they do require of you to insert a valid payment method. So, you can use any US credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can use PayPal debit cards or can get Netflix gift card from trusted vendor
  4. Your account has been created! Congrats!

That’s all there is to it, our friends! We hope that you have found all these guidelines satisfactory and we do feel that you are going to use them at your earliest convenience. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully. Still, for any clarification or any additional info, we will be more than happy to oblige!