US Netflix in Sweden and Great Things Keep Coming Your Way!


Netflix in Sweden US Netflix in Sweden and Great Things Keep Coming Your Way!

Soon after the launch of Scandinavian Netflix, most people in Sweden got tremendously disappointed. They had in mind the wealth of content coming from the States and they were eager to get their hands on the same video streaming service. We sympathize, as we have highlighted the differences between such a version of Netflix and the original US content and there really is no relation!

However, there is always a ray of hope and we are glad to offer a way out of such a discomforting situation. We know the drill and we want to show you how to get your finger in the honey pot, risk free! Join us and let the fun begin, with the information as to how to access US Netflix in Sweden. Welcome aboard!

How to Mask Your IP Address and Enter US Netflix

If you do not know what is keeping you from enjoying US Netflix in Sweden, it is your IP address. This is handed out to you automatically by your Internet Service Provider (ISP for short) and it reflects your physical location. This makes it impossible to fake where you are, or so we once thought! Now, with the help of VPN things can be favorable to you. In other words, you can succeed in altering your IP address through the use of the respective server. In this case when you need to access a geo-blocked website from the US, you have to use a US based server.

So, the steps that you have to follow are the ones highlighted just below. Pay attention to them and you’ll do fine:

  1. You subscribe to one of the most wonderful VPN providers available on the market.
  2. You download the app for your device.
  3. You turn your VPN on.
  4. You choose a US based server.
  5. Your IP has been changed and you can now enter US Netflix in Sweden.
  6. You log in using your Netflix account, which fortunately is valid universally.

Best VPN Provider for You to Choose

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