You Can Watch US Netflix in Sri Lanka, Here’s How!


Netflix in Sirilanka copy You Can Watch US Netflix in Sri Lanka, Heres How!

You’d agree, the best way for you to enjoy the benefits of online TV films and other shows is actually through the use of Netflix. However, Netflix is not available within Sri Lanka yet, and therefore, you cannot benefit officially from such an incredible option of online streaming. Do not worry, though; we have got a tip that can work wonders towards helping you out watch Netflix while being in Sri Lanka.

The main problem having to do with the whole process is indeed the IP of your machine, since this can highlight your exact location. In other words, once you get to connect to Netflix while making use of your local IP address in Sri Lanka, you will get a notice informing you of your inability to enjoy such an option there.

Gain Access to Netflix through Faking Your Geographical Location

The only requirement so as to gain access to Netflix in Sri Lanka is for you to use another IP address. In order to do so, you will have to benefit from the services of a VPN, else stated as a Virtual Private Network. From then on, you can switch your current IP address with another one being from the United States of America. Netflix will not even suspect that you are somewhere else instead of being in the US yourself.

Ideal VPN for Streaming Netflix from Sri Lanka

Among the numerous VPN providers being offered on the market, we would definitely recommend HideMyAss Pro. After all, its price rates are truly competitive and its speed is remarkable for video streaming. After having signed up you can download the application that is meant to be used by PCs, Mac or Linux or you can go for their option aiming at tablets and mobile phones.

When using the application meant for PC or Mac, you will have to start it and choose a US server to connect to. From then on, you can visit Netflix once more and start enjoying all the films and shows that you could not enjoy in the past. However, if you are required to create a new account for Netflix, remember to insert a US Zip Code, consisting of five digits.

The Verdict

All in all, it is fairly easy to gain access to Netflix in Sri Lanka. On top of that, you can gain access to other US websites as well, including Hulu and Pandora. To cut a long story short, a VPN can offer you access to almost all web sites all around the world and in addition it can guarantee that your navigation will always be kept encrypted and anonymous.