How to Watch Netflix in Spain – Premium Quality Info Provided


Netflix in Spain How to Watch Netflix in Spain   Premium Quality Info Provided

Netflix offers the optimum way for everyone to enjoy high quality content on demand and in HD. It is quite a pity that Netflix is in fact a geo-restricted website and that only people who reside in the United States can access its full content. Although Netflix has launched several other versions to serve the needs of other countries as well (Latin America, UK, Canada etc.), the results have been disappointing for the locals. Sad as it is, this is the truth; people have got to find new weapons and techniques in their quest for the Holy Grail.

In Spain, there is no version of Netflix still available for you to enjoy. So, if you are determined to overcome such a limitation applied to you and your kin, join us and find out all about how to watch Netflix from Spain. You will not regret your decision, we vouch for that!

Conceal Your IP and Watch Netflix in Spain

The first thing that you ought to take care of if you are serious about accessing US Netflix in Spain is to fake your IP address. In this way, you will appear not to reside in Spain and therefore you will not be denied access to Netflix. As you should have guessed by now, you ought to find a US IP address to make use of. You can do that pretty easily, if you simply subscribe to one of the top VPNs available within your reach. We certainly recommend HMA (HideMyAss) Pro, as it is not only trustworthy but it can offer uninterrupted online streaming without any obstacle getting in the way.

After subscribing to the VPN provider, you turn it on and you select a US based server. This allows you to obtain a brand new US IP address and consequently grants you full access to Netflix. The first goal has been reached, our friends!

Creating a US Netflix Account in Spain

Now that you have been able to enter Netflix, you are expected to sign up for a Netflix account. It makes total sense that if you already have a Netflix account (for instance, if you are a tourist from the United States), you can use that and have no additional problem. For all the rest of us, things are easy and simple. However, you need to follow several instructions and you will do just fine.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that you reside somewhere in the US. So, when you sign up for Netflix, you have to write down an address from the States. It should not bother you, because they never check such info. However, what they will check and so you have to pay extra attention to is the US zip code. You can find one on

Then, you have to complete your payment method. US credit and debit cards are acceptable and so are PayPal debit cards. If you don’t have a US card, don’t worry, try with your local credit card and it will work. If not, you can also use a Netflix gift card that you can buy from a third party vendor. The great news is that Netflix offers a free trial and so you will not be charged for the free month that you are going to enjoy online. Then, charges are $7.99 and this is perfectly all right for what Netflix can provide you with. For even more in depth information, you can check out our post on how to get a US Netflix account outside US as well.