Discover the Way to Watch Netflix in South Korea


Netflix in South Korea Discover the Way to Watch Netflix in South Korea

Netflix is by far the most popular Internet streaming channel worldwide, offering a vast range of HD content to all of us. Millions of people have been creating accounts and enjoying top quality series, films and shows, day in and day out! However, wonderful and idyllic as it might seem, Netflix has got a flaw.

In specific, Netflix cannot be viewed by people all over the globe. Of course, we understand that there are copyright restrictions that get in the way – but, even these restrictions should not be that strict as to hold back everyone but the Americans from enjoying Netflix! Yes, sure there are some other versions of Netflix that you can enjoy when you live in Canada, Latin America or even in Ireland.

But, let’s face it! There cannot be any comparison between them! US version of Netflix rules and this is a fact! Now, what can we do when we are residents in South Korea and we wish to be part of the world’s most spectacular online streaming option? Did you think that we would let such questions go unanswered? Well, think again – we have managed to find a way so as to watch Netflix in South Korea. Let’s start the music, then!

How Can I Access Netflix in South Korea

Oh, we are glad you asked! Well, the sole problem that has been putting you off from enjoying Netflix abroad and therefore in South Korea as well has been your IP address. This unique number is indeed the only problem that you have to confront with. This reflects your physical location and as a result Netflix cannot let you enter.

Now, what can we do to help? The answer is simple and is directly linked to a VPN subscription. When you make use of VPN (standing for Virtual Private Network), you can conceal your actual IP address and change it for whatever you want. In this case, since you want to access a geo-blocked website from the US, you will have to find an American IP address instead. This can only happen if you connect to the VPN and choose a US based server to connect from. Once you are done, your problem will be solved!

Of course, there are numerous top VPN providers that you can select from for accessing Netflix from South Korea. We cannot ignore though that HideMyAss Pro VPN has always been one step ahead and has never failed us in our testing for speed rates, reliability and great consistency. Plus, you can get access to servers located in 63 countries and still counting, which makes you able to get your hands on literally anything you choose to unblock worldwide.

How to Create a Netflix Account

Once you have completed your VPN subscription and you have connected to the US based server, as instructed above, you will be expected to create a Netflix account. Apparently, if you are an expat or a tourist or in general if you already have a valid Netflix account (whether a US Netflix account or any other version), you can still use that.

If not, you will have to create one from scratch. You will need to fill out a registration form and use a US address and zip code. You can find the detailed guidelines on getting a US Netflix account, in order to facilitate the path for you even more. After that, you are in. Go enjoy Netflix without any additional trouble! You deserve it!