Learn How to Watch Netflix in South Africa


Netflix in South Africa Learn How to Watch Netflix in South Africa

Everyone knows that Netflix is a website that allows access to a huge collection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries any time day or night. Netflix never bothers you with advertisements or product promotion, all you get is high quality content at your mouse clicks. Although Netflix has recently started rolling out services in Latin America and parts of Europe, the US version is still the best with a massive library of content available at the click of a mouse! At AllofVPN we would like to tell you how to access Netflix from South Africa today, right now!

Can I watch Netflix in South Africa?

We’re glad you asked the answer is of course yes, or we wouldn’t be writing this article! Netflix blocks users from countries outside of the US by checking your IP address. So all you have to do is change your South African IP. Some of you may be switching off at this point but trust us, this is far easier than you think. There are a host of companies out there offering VPN (Virtual Private Network) services so that you can switch your IP address to another country and watch restricted content from wherever you are.

How to change your IP address

We’re positive that there are a decent number of ways by which you can change your IP, but signing up with a VPN provider to do the trick for you is most safe, secure and best way. A vital thing to consider is connection speed, if the speed is not high enough your content will be choppy and annoying. Our team at AllOfVPN has spent hours, days, and weeks poring over detailed tests of which VPN service is the best.

Netflix Learn How to Watch Netflix in South Africa

You can read these reviews and articles throughout the site. If you are like most of the people though, you just want to connect now-then the very best VPN to go for without any kind of second thought is HideMyAss Pro. They offer IP masking through their 530+ servers worldwide and performed well in almost every single test we performed until today. HideMyAss VPN offers an excellent service, the connection speed is always good and even on the rare occasions that it drops a little all you have to do is switch servers (remember they’ve more than 530 servers).

How to sign up for a new Netflix account?

Once your VPN is working and you have selected US VPN server (to get US IP for Netflix, in this case), simply click create account, fill in the form using a fake US name and address and you will be signed up – one thing worth noting in the process is, you need to make use of a valid 5 digit US zip code. Any combination of 5 digits will do but if you ask us, the easiest that we can quickly think of is 90120.

Last step for sign up is going to be the payment, for which you need to have a valid credit or debit card. But if you have any difficulty with the payment part of the Netflix registration process, then you can just buy prepaid Netflix cards by clicking here which will work just as well. That’s it. You’re now good to enjoy Netflix right from South Africa, finally! Happy Streaming!