How to Unblock Netflix in Slovakia – Wonderful Information for You


Netflix in Slovakia How to Unblock Netflix in Slovakia   Wonderful Information for You

Netflix is one of the top solutions for everyone who enjoys HD videos and amazing wealth of content in online streaming. Sadly enough, Netflix is still a geo-blocked website and this practically means that only people residing in the United States have got the privilege to use that. Due to cycle of work’s expansion, Netflix has launched several other versions of the original in places such as Canada, Latin America and the UK. However, if you take a moment and compare these versions, they are nothing unlike the authentic US Netflix version.

This is what has made us thinking. Why should people in Slovakia be held back from such an option in home entertainment? What can be done? After thorough research, we have found out the perfect way to deal with such a problem. In other words, we have managed to unblock Netflix in Slovakia. So, stick with us and you will find out about all that too!

Using VPN and Unblocking Netflix in Slovakia

If you make an attempt and visit Netflix now, you will be denied access due to your location in the world. If you have been wondering how Netflix can know where you are that easily, you should not be too baffled. There is something of yours that reveals all that information and this is no other than your IP address. With such a number having been handed out to you by your Internet Service Provider, you let everyone know where you are on the planet. As a result, you are unavailable to watch Netflix till now.

However, every problem comes with a solution and this time VPN can help us out. You ought to be detailed when choosing the VPN service provider that will live up to your expectations and needs. After having subscribed to a single VPN provider (for instance, HideMyAss Pro is our preferred VPN option for reasons of quality, reliability, speed and affordability), you need to download the respective app and turn it on. Then, you ought to choose the server you wish to get online with. Of course, this is when you need to be smart and go for a US based server.

As soon as you have selected a US based server, you will be glad to realize that you can access Netflix without a problem. You have got a new US IP address that covers your back and ensures you enter the website of Netflix promptly. Now, there is still one extra step for you to take and then you are off for infinite online streaming. Ready, guys?

Create a Netflix Account from Scratch – Easy as Pie!

As you must have realized, there is the need to create a Netflix account – if you do not have one, that is! Your mind should not forget that you are a US resident and this is shown through your IP address. So, you start signing up for Netflix and you insert your personal information that matches your IP address. You can use a fake name, surname and any bogus address. The thing you ought to be straight and accurate on is your US zip code (find one for you here).

Now, the final step has to do with your payment method. You might know that it is in the policy of Netflix to offer a free first month and then the monthly fee goes up to $7.99. In order to start enjoying the free month, you have to place a valid form of payment. Generally, US credit and debit cards are accepted and so are PayPal debit cards. Another great way for you to go ahead with the payment is to buy Netflix gift cards and redeem them accordingly. You can get such cards easily on eBay or many other third party suppliers, one of them is here.

This is it, guys! You are now ready to enjoy online streaming in high definition and enjoy your every moment of fun! We hope that you have found this article to be enlightening and practical for you to make use of. Happy Netflixing!