How to Watch Netflix in Singapore – All You Need to Know


Netflix in Singpore How to Watch Netflix in Singapore   All You Need to Know

Singapore can be exotic and all, but it turns out that there is a catch when you live there. No matter how wonderful this country can be for business, vacations or even for relocation after laboring all these years, it does not offer full access to the web. Well, we do know that Singapore is not to blame for the geo-blocked websites, but we understand the desire of Singaporeans to vent!

Rather than taking part in your complaints though, we have figured out how you can unblock the whole world of Netflix in Singapore and knock yourselves out with such unique content to savoir! So, if you have been intrigued by the title and if your appetite has been growing fast due to our introduction, step up and follow our lead! Don’t worry, since we have got everything covered for you!

VPN and How to Use Its Features for Unblocking Netflix from Singapore

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, as most of you probably know. It is used vastly so as to enhance someone’s anonymity while surfing the web. Of course, this is one of the finest and coolest services that you can enjoy while surfing the web, as personal information should be kept private and out of reach to anyone else. However, this is not what we are going to use for watching Netflix in Singapore. Let’s move on, then!

Besides data encryption and online protection, VPN is able to offer you another wonderful benefit. To be more precise, once you have subscribed to a VPN company, you will have the opportunity to select the server of your liking in order to connect to the Internet from. Given the fact that Netflix is only available in full to the Americans, we will need a US IP address for unblocking the website. By choosing a US based server from your VPN, you ensure that your IP address automatically turns to a US one and then you are in for a treat! Next time you visit the website of Netflix with your brand new IP address, your data is verified and you’re in!

Apparently, you will need a reliable VPN provider to meet your needs and provide you with everything you need towards the smoothest online streaming. HideMyAss (widely know as HMA) Pro is able to cover your demands and surpass your expectations, without any hesitation. With servers located all over the world (based in UK and expanding its network in 63 countries and more to come) and with unlimited bandwidth topped with great speed, it’s worth trying it out!

Next Step: Creating a Netflix Account in Singapore

There is one more thing for you to take care of, prior to accessing Netflix in Singapore. You have to create a Netflix account and log in. Apparently, if you already have such an account, you are free to use that and proceed with the enjoyment of Netflix’s content. However, if you are a newbie, you have to create one from scratch. We display the simple yet efficient guidelines that will sort things out for you and will help you with your Netflix account. Here we go, now:

  1. First off, you sign up for your account without forgetting that you are supposed to reside in the US. So, you will need to use an American address (any fake one will do). They never check as for the validity of your address, so no worries! Just make sure that you use a valid US zip code (have your pick from This one they will check and you need to be accurate.
  2. Then, you will need a US credit or debit card (typically MasterCard and Visa can be used internationally). Otherwise, you can use Netflix gift cards that can be bought on eBay and other trusted third party vendors or pay with PayPal debit card. This is essential even for the free trial of Netflix. After the month is over, the payment will be completed via one of the methods that you have activated in this step and so you cannot miss out on such information.

We hope that you have got everything you need as to how to unblock Netflix in Singapore. Join us with more information and leave feedback, if you have enjoyed our article. Thank you and looking forward to meeting again online!