Saudi & Love Netflix? Start Watching Netflix in Saudi Arabia Today


Netflix in Saudi Arabia Saudi & Love Netflix? Start Watching Netflix in Saudi Arabia Today

Netflix is not available to many people around the world. Trying to connect to Netflix in Saudi Arabia is incredibly frustrating to the Saudi people. Netflix has a huge array of High definition moves and TV shows and we feel that the people of Saudi Arabia should be able to access it. Keep reading to see how you can start watching Netflix right from Saudi Arabia today.

It turns out that streaming Netflix from Saudi Arabia quite simple, as long as you know how. When someone tries to connect to Netflix in Saudi Arabia, they test your IP address, if the IP is based in Saudi Arabia then Netflix will not allow a connection to their server.

In order to get around this block all that needs to be done is change your IP address. No need to panic if you think that sounds hard, changing your IP address is really quite easy and requires absolutely no technical skill.

Using a VPN to change your IP address

The best way to alter your IP to connect to Netflix is to sign up with a Virtual Private Network company. VPN companies will allow you to connect to a server based in the US, it is this server that connects to Netflix. So when you connect to Netflix the IP it sees is the VPN companies Server IP.

Best Netflix VPN for Saudi Arabians

There are 100’s of VPN companies based all over the world, quite a few of them have been reviewed here on Allofvpn and you can read the reviews in our reviews category. If you just want to get Netflixing right now, we have rarely gone wrong with HideMyAss Pro VPN.

HideMyAss often tops our tests of the best VPNs for service quality and speed. Connection speed is extremely important when you want to use a streaming service like Netflix from Saudi Arabia otherwise you will spend more time watching the dreaded buffering bar instead of your favorite content.

Setting up HMA Pro and Netflix account in Saudi Arabia

HMA (HideMyAss) Pro VPN is very easy to setup, once you’ve signed up with them all you have to do is download the HMA app, enter your username and password and you will be connected to the US server in minutes. As soon as you’ve reached until this, you can then start creating your very own Netflix account.

Make sure you are connected to a US server and fill in the sign up form, the only thing to do for your address is use a fake zip code when asked for your address, any five digits will do or if you want to be sure a quick Google search will get you a fake address that you can use. If you have problems with the credit card part you can just buy a gift card for Netflix on amazon, Ebay and on many other stores.

It really is that easy, we hope you found this article helpful; please feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments section below. Happy Streaming!