Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Puerto Rico


Netflix in Puerto Rico Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Puerto Rico

There are many residents back in Puerto Rico who have been let down due to the different version of Netflix offered to them. It is true that when you attempt to compare the both versions of Netflix, the US and the Latin American one that is, you get to see that the US version is much wealthier in both quality and quantity.

So, the real question among Puerto Ricans is whether or not they can bypass this injustice and get to enjoy US Netflix in Puerto Rico. Well, Netflix from Puerto Ricans is just like a piece of the cake and we can certainly show you that this can easily be done!

Why Choose to Go for VPN

This is how the story goes: You are given a unique number from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as soon as you connect to the web. This is some sort of online identity for you and therefore you will need this to be altered, if you do not want to reveal your exact location.

When you get online and you try to get to Netflix, this identifies you as coming from Puerto Rico and automatically shows you the content for the respective version of Netflix.

However, if you got the chance to alter your IP address with an American IP address, then your problems would be solved. Well, this is what a VPN (standing for Virtual Private Network) actually does. You simply subscribe to a VPN and you download it to your PC or Mac.

In fact, you can also use any mobile device of your preference if you go ahead with manually configuring the settings of the application. From there on, you are ready to go and enjoy your online streaming via VPN. You can choose among numerous US based servers so that you get the chance to be identified as an American resident.

What goes without even questioning is the fact that you will need to have a reliable and fast VPN provider in order to enjoy smooth online streaming without any problem. From our experience, we can suggest going with HideMyAss Pro as your VPN provider.

It is really solid and it can help you get the best US server (or any other server) due to the traffic any given time. On top of that, there are various discounts available for long term clients (for instance, in the annual subscription you can save a great deal of money) and there is also the option of a 30 day money guarantee that you can benefit from.

Now, your Netflix account is the same no matter where you are located. So, using your Latin American account and with the use of a US IP address, you will gain access to US Netflix from Puerto Rico. If you do not have a Netflix account, then proceed with creating one via our comprehensive guide on getting a US Netflix account outside us and then do the rest as described above. Enjoy!