How to Unblock US Netflix in Peru – Breaking the Boundaries


Netflix in Peru How to Unblock US Netflix in Peru   Breaking the Boundaries

We imagine that it must have been pretty disappointing for Peruvians to get the Latin American version of Netflix. Trying to figure out where all the content has gone can be devastating, especially when Netflix is such a loved option for online streaming worldwide. Since we are fans of equally distributed online rights, we know that his is not fair and we want to help out. So, with our help and with the use of our handy instructions, you will be able to unblock US Netflix in Peru. You will not have to engage in anything complicating and the results will be evident right from the start.

If you dig it, then join us in our quest to break down the barriers and help Peruvians enjoy Netflix to its maximum performance! It is worth it!

How to Fake Your IP Address and Access US Netflix

Every time you try to visit Netflix in Peru, you are redirected to the Latin American version of the website. This is certainly much more than what people get in other countries, but it is still not enough. The detail that makes your physical location known is in fact your IP address. This is a unique number that is offered to you automatically by your ISP. After that, you cannot hide from Netflix. This is the normal process, of course! With the contribution of VPN now, you can fake your IP address and change it with another one from the States.

You choose one of the best VPN providers that you can find on the market. We would suggest using HideMyAss Pro, since it is really trustworthy and it includes a huge range of servers from every place in the world. Apparently there are many different VPN servers located in the United States and this will help you smoothly unblock US Netflix in Peru. After having subscribed to VPN, you need to choose one of the servers that come from the United States. Your IP address will change to an American one and this will allow you to enter US Netflix, next time you enter their website. Hurrah!

What About Your Netflix Account?

The great thing about Netflix is that every account is valid universally. In other words, you can access every single version of Netflix using the same account, without any problem whatsoever. So, you do not have to break a sweat! If you do not have a valid Netflix account now, you are advised to go ahead and create one with your local information. Just make sure that your VPN has been turned off or switched to the respective server. Then, you switch back to the US server and you connect to US Netflix without any delay! Pretty simple, wouldn’t you say so?

For anyone in need of finding out how to access Netflix in detail from everywhere in the planet, as well as how to create a US Netflix account internationally.

We bet that you are now enjoying US Netflix content and you are grateful about the wealth of HD videos that you can benefit from online. Have fun and leave your feedback, if you have found our guide comprehensive and handy enough. Enjoy your online streaming, fellow Peruvians!