Learn How to Watch Netflix in Netherlands


Netflix in Netherlands Learn How to Watch Netflix in Netherlands

Sadly, Netflix is not currently available in Netherlands. There are few countries in Europe that have access to Netflix but none of them has the same variety of content as the US Netflix version does. That’s why the team at AllOfVPN have started working on ways for you to watch Netflix in the Netherlands and almost any country in the world. Continue reading and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the awesome content of Netflix today, Finally!

Change your Location with VPN

Watching Netflix from Netherlands is just a matter of tricking, Netflix have to think that you are based in the US. This is incredibly easy to do thanks to the hundreds of VPN providers available in the market nowadays. VPN providers will enable you to access their servers located in hundreds of countries all around the world. This is excellent not just for connecting to Netflix but also for keeping your internet traffic safe and anonymous.

What’s the Best VPN

There are a lot of VPN companies wondering on the web, it can be hard to choose. We always involved in reviewing numerous VPN providers here at ALLOFVPN, because we’re VPN specialist. The market leader and recommended is HideMyAss, with a large number of servers, good connection speeds and very competitive price, HMA (HideMyAss) is a great way to watch Netflix in Netherlands with ease.

Signing up for a Netflix Account in Netherlands

One you have downloaded HideMyAss application and are connected to a US server, you will proceed to sign up for Netflix. Go to the sign up page and enter a fake US address. Use random address, but make sure that the Zip code is legitimate. US Zip codes are 5 digits long, 90210 is always a useful one if you are stuck.

Next you will need a Netflix gift card to complete the payment part of the form,in case you don’t have a valid credit card or Netflix doesn’t accept it as they tend to only accept a credit card with a US address on file, sometimes. No worries still, You can get one from Amazon, eBay or from any other supplier. And that will do, you just made it!

We hope you found this article helpful and are happily streaming Netflix from Netherlands as we speak. Please feel free to interact with us in the comments section below. Happy Netflexing icon smile Learn How to Watch Netflix in Netherlands