How to Watch Netflix in Morocco – Best Guidelines for You


Netflix in Morocco How to Watch Netflix in Morocco   Best Guidelines for You

Netflix is one of the most popular video on demand services globally and this is why all people try to access its content. More than 20,000 HD videos are available for everyone who wishes to enter the magical world of Netflix. The truth is that not everyone is able to do so, since Netflix is geo-blocked as a website. Only people in the United States are truly blessed with the full version of Netflix, even though there are several versions of Netflix in Latin America, Canada and the UK.

We understand that all people are equal and consequently everybody is entitled to the same rights, as to the access to Netflix. So, it is only fair that we chip in and that we offer our own knowledge. As a result, we have created this guide as to how to watch Netflix in Morocco. After following our simple step by step guidelines, you will have the chance to enjoy wonderful videos through the finest quality online streaming. It is worth it, wouldn’t you say so?

How to Watch Netflix from Morocco, Masking Your IP?

When you try to access Netflix from Morocco, you bump into a huge wall. Netflix is a geo-restricted website and the only way for them to know whether you can enter or not is through your IP address. As you may know, your IP address is a 32 digit code that is handed over to you by your Internet Service Provider (or else ISP). So, the solution to your problem lies to the amendment of your IP address with a brand new one from the United States.

When you use VPN, you are offered the flexibility to choose among servers within the list of the VPN provider. So, in order to access Netflix, you ought to choose a US based server and thus have your IP address amended with an American one. After having subscribed to one of the best VPN providers, such as HideMyAss, you are expected to download the respective app from the list and be ready to connect to the VPN. Subsequently, you select the server of your preference and you are in for a treat! Now, when you access Netflix, the wall is not there any more!

The great news about HideMyAss is that it now has apps for all devices and OS. Whether you want to access Netflix on Windows or Mac, Linux or Android and iOS devices, HideMyAss will have the right kind of app for you to enjoy. This is certainly something to look forward to, along with the superb speed rate and infinite bandwidth usage, the immaculate tech support and the incredible affordability.

Next Step: Creating a Netflix Account in Morocco

Now that you know what it takes to overcome the problem of geographical limitation, it is high time you went on to learn how to create a Netflix account, despite being outside the US and inside Morocco. Let us have a closer look as to how you can create this account, step by step:

First of all, you need to have your VPN activated and with a US server chosen. Then, you need to sign up and start writing down your personal information. Of course, you should always have in mind that you are a US resident. Otherwise, you would not have the opportunity to access Netflix! Well, you can start writing down your name and any address coming from the US (it can be a fake address, because they never check). They do check the zip code and so you are expected to be accurate about that. You can find info right here. After having completed everything else, you need to enter the payment method that you are going to use. Unless you have a valid US credit card, this can be tricky to you. However, we have got a solution for you! You can buy a Netflix gift card from third party vendors and use it for paying your monthly fee, which stretches up to $7.99.

With these special instructions, you can succeed in your effort to watch Netflix from Morocco. We hope you have found this guide helpful. Enjoy!