Watch Netflix in Lithuania in Minutes Today


Netflix in Lithuania Watch Netflix in Lithuania in Minutes Today

Netflix is a great Movie streaming service. The amount of content they have available is uncontrolled. Unfortunately Netflix from Lithuania was the stuff of dreams! Until today! We here at AllOfVPN have a simple and effective way for you to log onto Netflix in Lithuania. It does not require any technical skill and you should be up and running in 5 minutes at MAX, read on to learn more.

Change your Location with VPN

No we do not expect you to move house just to access all that wonderful content, all you have to do is convince the Netflix server that you are located in the US and Not Lithuania. To do this you simply need to change your IP address. This is much easier than you might think.

Using a Virtual Private Network you can be streaming Netflix in minutes. A virtual Private Network or VPN provider is a company that will allow you to access their servers based in the US anytime you like. You simply have to connect to their server and you will be able to watch US Netflix even you’re in Lithuania within minutes.

What’s the Best VPN

Well, at AllOfVPN we are VPN specialists, we have tested 100’s of solutions and we all have our favorites. You can read various reviews from all of our experts all over this site. Mostly though the best VPN proved tends to be a company called HideMyAss (know as HMA when it comes to popularity).

HMA VPN has a massive number of high quality VPN servers that always do well in our speed tests. A good connection speed is vital when you are connecting to Netflix; so that you spend your time watching content instead of watching the buffering bar, don’t you agree? Setting up HideMyAss pro is easy too, you just download the app and enter your login details and you will be connected to a US IP (or any of your choice and need) in no time.

Signing up for Netflix in Lithuania

Once you have connected to a US VPN server you will need to Signup on Netflix. Netflix’s check on the addresses is not expansive, so now all you really need to do is to make use of fake US address and a 5 digit zip code. We like to use 90210 because we thought it was funny at the time! Any 5 digits will do though, once you have passed through the zip code barrier the only problem remaining is the credit card payment.

Netflix will sometimes reject credit cards without an American address on them. The easiest way to get around this is to just buy yourself a gift card from amazon or eBay and use it to pay your Netflix subscription. If you can’t find the Netflix card for sale on ebay or Amazon, you can get one from this site.

Congratulations you are now streaming genuine US Netflix from Lithuania, at this point you are probably watching your favorite content and barely reading this, so we will just say that we hope this article was helpful and please feel free to let us hear in the comments section below, if you’ve questions or comments.