Learn How to Enjoy Netflix in Lebanon


Netflix in Lebanon Learn How to Enjoy Netflix in Lebanon

There is no single place on the Web where you can find the kind of variety of TV shows and movies with fast streaming capabilities like you find on Netflix. The unfortunate thing is, if you reside in Lebanon or anywhere else in the world except the US, you cannot legally gain access to the full Netflix catalog. However, you now can easily enjoy Netflix in Lebanon by making use of the technique that we are going to reveal to you in this post.

Whenever you connect to the Netflix, the site is able to discover your location on map with precision. Once they determine that you are at a place like Lebanon, you see a note saying “Apologies, Netflix is not accessible in your state… at this time”. To register with Netflix and watch its content, you will have to make Netflix believe you are accessing the site from inside the US, not in Lebanon or anywhere else.

Changing your location from Lebanon to United States

Obviously we are not recommending that you move physically, what we suggest is that you make a virtual move. Some people imagine that Netflix has these satellites in space which it uses to determine our location. That is not the case. Netflix makes use of your PCs Internet Protocol address to locate you.

An IP is that special number you obtain from your internet provider – that number can be used to pin point your exact location. Now that we know how they determine your location, it becomes clear that in order to virtually alter you location all you require to do is to get an US Internet Protocol address.

By hooking up with what is referred to as a VPN with a web server in the United States, you’ll be in a position to swap your real Internet Protocol address with an American one. If you need to use your actual Internet Protocol address again, just disconnect from the Virtual Private Network.

The best way to Build up Virtual Private Network to Enjoy Netflix in Lebanon

Setting up a Virtual Private Network is very easy since all you require is a fast Virtual Private Network connection. At AllofVPN we recommend using HideMyAss because its speed and cost are very good. As soon as you register with HideMyAss Virtual Private Network, download and install their app on either Mac or PC. After that, simply choose a web server in the United States from the collection in the app and press connect. A few secs later you’ll have an American Internet Protocol address, although you are in Lebanon.

At this point what you require to do is register with Netflix. Log onto the Netflix site again and begin the subscription procedure. When you get to the step where you need to enter your bank card information, keep in mind that you need to enter an US zip-code (we used of 90210).

It is that simple to enjoy Netflix in Lebanon and the entire process ought to take you less than 5 mins. An additional advantage of using VPN provider is that your internet connection is protected so no cyber criminals can get to your web traffic. This technique also works for unblocking other websites too so your Virtual Private Network connection is indeed a very useful tool.