Guidelines on How to Watch Netflix in Jordan


Netflix in Jordan Guidelines on How to Watch Netflix in Jordan

Netflix is a video on demand service that attracts millions of viewers worldwide. How couldn’t it do so, with more than 20,000 HD videos? However, there is an obstacle that can get in the way. The truth is that Netflix is a geo-blocked website and this means that only people from the United States are able to enjoy such content. Of course, there are some other versions of Netflix available for residents in Latin America, Canada and the UK. These versions are not that rich in content, both including the quantity and quality.

If you are located in Jordan, you normally do not have any access to Netflix. Still, we are here to facilitate the path for you to cross. In order to take advantage of the optimal benefits that you can get, stick with us and learn all about how to watch Netflix in Jordan. You should not miss out on that chance unveiled before your eyes, now should you?

How to Mask Your Physical Location via VPN

The only obstacle getting in the way and preventing you from accessing Netflix from Jordan is your physical location. In avoidance of such an obstacle, the only thing that can work wonders is VPN. If you are wondering how this can be, then you need to consider one of the primary uses of VPN. Indeed, with the VPN you can change your IP address with any other IP address listed among the servers of the exact provider that you have subscribed to. So, have a look at what you ought to do:

  1. Firstly, you subscribe to one of the best VPN providers of the market. We would recommend subscribing to HideMyAss, due to the superb performance that it can guarantee and due to the fact that it has got apps for all OS and devices, ready to be used.
  2. After that, you download the respective app and you connect to the VPN. Make sure you select a US based server for your connection.
  3. You will notice that your IP address has changed and that a brand new one from the US has taken its place. So, feel free to access Netflix and enter its unique content without any additional problem!

As you can see, the whole process is truly plain and simple to pull through. Even without being a tech savvy, you are bound to get great solutions in no time!

Creating a Netflix Account as the Next Step for You

Now that you have successfully outweighed the problem of your physical location and you have managed to get ready to watch Netflix from Jordan, you only need to sign up for a Netflix account. It goes without even saying that you can use any already existing Netflix account equally efficiently. Assuming that you do not have one to use, here is what you need to do.

The first thing is to go to Netflix and start writing down your personal information. Apparently, such info should be compatible with your IP address – which is from the United States. So, you can use any bogus name and address, as long as the US zip code is valid.

The last barrier is that of the payment method you choose to use. Unless you have got a valid credit or debit card from the States, you need to be creative. Choose to buy any Netflix gift card from a vendor and redeem it for your monthly subscription, which is just $7.99. You are in, so enjoy online streaming!