Unblocking US Netflix in Japan – How Fun Is That?


Netflix in Japan Unblocking US Netflix in Japan   How Fun Is That?

Are you a resident within Japan and you are dying to unblock the Netflix? OK, you know by now that Netflix is a geo-blocked website and it is only available for viewing within the US. Sure, there are quite a few other versions available for those living in Canada, Latin America etc., but if you have a look at the differences you will crave for a taste of the real American stuff. So, how can such an obstacle get bypassed? What can happen, in order to unblock US Netflix in Japan with simple and smooth moves? Stop asking yourself, as we have the answer to your query. Just stick with us and get to see all this mystery revealed, brick by brick.

How to Unblock Netflix in Japan via VPN

The problem with not accessing Netflix from Japan of course derives from your actual IP address. This code is in fact your true online identity and lets all websites know of your physical location. If you wish to access Netflix in Japan and get to enjoy premium quality of content in HD, then you ought to change your IP address somehow.

The best and most reliable method for you to use towards substituting your IP address is that of subscribing to VPN. Virtual Private Network gives you the chance to choose which server you are going to use for connecting to the Internet. In case you want to watch Netflix in Japan, you need to choose a US based server and thus obtain an American IP address. This will be your ticket to accessing Netflix without any further discomfort.

Obviously, you can unblock all kinds of websites and apps from all over the globe with a similar pattern. You just select the proper server to do the job in every single situation. Plus, every time you use VPN your personal information is infiltrated and fully encrypted. This offers you the opportunity to remain untraceable and to avoid any threat or danger while cyber diving.

Variables for Choosing VPN and Unblocking Netflix

As you know, Netflix is a video streaming service with millions of subscribers. If you are determined to enjoy its content with whole your heart, you need a trustworthy VPN provider backing you up. Unlimited bandwidth can work wonders and help you enjoy every second of online streaming and speed rates can also affect the final outcome.

The abundance in servers (located in US and elsewhere, for unblocking various websites) and the quality of tech support are also important variables. With all that in mind and after having looked through our top 10 VPNs, we are more than confident to recommend HideMyAss Pro. It can live up to your expectations of the smoothest online transmission and it can even exceed them over time. With 30 day full money refund guarantee, there is literally no risk taken to your end!

Creating a US Netflix Account – Final Step

VPN will help you access Netflix, but if you want to start enjoying its broadcasting advantages you need a Netflix account. We take it for granted that you do not have any valid Netflix account (if you do, you can use it and not bother creating a new one). You ought to sign up using an address from the United States, since this is supposed to be your actual residence. You can give any info you like, even false names and surnames will do. The only thing that you have to be really careful about is the US zip code. They do check this detail and you need to be accurate. Luckily, you can easily find your way if you look here.

Moving on and before completing the signing up process, you will be required to enter a payment method. Even if the first month is offered for free by Netflix, this is compulsory to be filled out. Any US debit or credit card will do (many other international credit cards can also be accepted, but it is not certain). Another method can be to enter a PayPal debit card. Finally, you can always turn to one of the various Netflix gift cards available on Ebay or get it from this vendor. Once you have taken care of that, you are in! Have fun while online streaming!