How to Watch Netflix in Iran – Learning the Ropes of Such a Wonderful Option


Netflix in Iran How to Watch Netflix in Iran   Learning the Ropes of Such a Wonderful Option

Iran has got great background in cinematography and there are plenty of memorable Iranian films to consider. In fact, if you browse through the data base of the most popular video on demand service on the planet, Netflix, you will come up with quite a few films from Iran. The Queen and I, Turtles Can Fly, Children of Heaven and Two Women are just some of the films that will captivate your attention right away, after accessing Netflix. However, your physical location might be a problem for accessing such a service.

For those of you who do not know, Netflix is a geo-restricted website and this means that only specific countries in the world have got full access to its content. Indeed, the full version is only available within the United States. All at once, there are other versions in Latin America, Canada and UK that enjoy much less exceptional content of Netflix. However, the great news is that you can resolve the problem of not gaining access to Netflix from Iran. If you wish to learn how you can do that and how you can manage to watch Netflix in Iran, stick with us!

How to Mask Your IP Address for the Shake of Netflix

What holds you back from accessing Netflix in Iran is indeed your IP address. Due to the fact that Netflix has got strict limitations as to the countries where it is available for viewing, you need to figure out a way for unblocking its content. Since you want to get your hands on the original US version, you will need to change your IP address with an American IP address. The only way for you to do so, without moving an inch, is the use of VPN. Even if you are reluctant about using such a feature, you will come to realize that this is a true blessing for you!

After having subscribed to one of the optimal VPN providers on the global market (such as HideMyAss and the insuperable performance that it can offer, due to the marvelous apps and the special features, the tech support that rocks and the lovely price), you ought to choose wisely about the server that you are going to use for your connection. Assuming that you want to unblock Netflix, you have to choose a US based server and get the respective IP address. This will be the key for unlocking the door and entering the fabulous world of Netflix! How cool is that to watch Netflix from Iran within flashes of moments?

Final Test: Creating a Netflix Account from Scratch

The following step is to set up a Netflix account and start using its services. You ought to know that the first month is complimentary. However, after this month is over the fee is $7.99 per month. Now, let’s see what it takes for you to create a Netflix account (assuming that you do not have one, of course).

First of all, you connect to a US based server from your VPN provider. You are redirected to the sign up form of Netflix and you start writing down your information. Be sure to keep in mind that you live somewhere in the US – otherwise the IP address of yours gets fishy! You can write down any name and address, with the only requirement being to enter a valid US zip code. Moving forward, you have to complete a payment method. The best thing would be to have a US credit or even debit card available to use. Even without such payment methods though, there is another way for you to go for. You can purchase a Netflix gift card from this vendor and use it accordingly. Once you are done with that, you are ready to join Netflix in Iran and savour every moment!