Unblocking Netflix in Indonesia – Awesome News for Indonesians!


Netflix in Indonesia Unblocking Netflix in Indonesia   Awesome News for Indonesians!

Netflix is unrivaled when it comes to home entertainment through HD videos on demand. However, such a service is not available all over the world and this is a shame! Imagine wanting to access something online and not getting full access to it simply due to where you live. This happens with all the geo-blocked websites and Netflix is one such striking example. With out research and with our extensive knowledge on the subject, we have succeeded in finding the right solution to this problem.

So, nowadays people residing in other countries such as Indonesia can enjoy full access to Netflix without any hidden agenda. Aren’t you dying to see how we can make it happen? Stick to our plan and find out everything about how to unblock Netflix in Indonesia. This will rock your world!

Masking Your Location via VPN

As we have stated above, Netflix is one of the geo-restricted websites that are out of reach for people outside the target groups that they have set their minds on. Your IP address is the online identity that reveals where you are to these websites. So, what you need to do is change your IP address, so that your mask gets you in for a treat. If you do not know how to do that, VPN will enlighten you and show you the way. The whole process will be completed in no time, so don’t worry!

After choosing the VPN service provider of your liking, you have to download the app for your device and get everything done about the configurations needed. As for our top choice, this would be HideMyAss Pro. It is definitely trustworthy and it can offer you the diversity in US servers (as well as servers in 62 more countries over the world!). The price rates are truly remarkable and the speed that you are going to get for unlimited bandwidth is superb. After dealing with all that, you turn your VPN on and you select a US based server. This is essential, so that you are handed out a US IP address. This is how you mask your location!

From then on, there is nothing stopping you from entering the cool world of Netflix! Rejoice and get ready to enjoy your online streaming, after taking care of a small additional obstacle. Let’s see how to tackle that as well, shall we?

How to Create a US Netflix Account in Indonesia

VPN has got you covered, as far as your IP address is concerned. Now, after visiting Netflix you will be expected to log in with the information of your own account. Provided that you do not have one yet, here you go with the guidelines on how to get one from scratch:

  1. First thing you ought to double check is that your VPN has been turned ON and that you have chosen a US based server to connect from.
  2. Then, you need to start registering to Netflix. Bear in mind that you reside in US and so your information should be suitable. Come up with a US name and address, without worrying about verifying such info (Netflix never does). However, it is important to get the zip code right and therefore you can find accurate codes.
  3. Moving on and still one thing to take care of! You have to fill in the form with a valid payment method. This can be a US credit or debit card (international cards will also work from time to time), a PayPal debit card or any Netflix gift card – can get one here as well
  4. Your work is done! Reap the benefits of your decisions and start Netflixing without any further to do! Congrats!