How to Watch Netflix in India – Why Miss Out on All the Fun?


Netflix in India1 How to Watch Netflix in India   Why Miss Out on All the Fun?

Netflix is a giant when it comes to home entertainment. More than 21,000 movies and other content shown in high definition and with the best quality that you could ever imagine are within your hands. Well, this is not entirely true. Unfortunately, there are several restrictions that have to do with the geographical location of each Internet user.

So, if you are located in India, the chances are that every single time you get to access Netflix and enjoy a movie online, you will be denied access. What a shame that is! Wouldn’t you love being able to bypass any obstacle and get to enjoy US Netflix, exactly like the US residents do? We share your passion and your eagerness and this is why we have come up with a comprehensive guide as to how to watch Netflix in India.

What Am I Supposed to Do to Watch Netflix in India?

Do not worry, our fellow Indians! There is nothing complicated about the whole procedure and we are here to guide you through. What gets in the way and does not allow you to access US Netflix from India is your exact location. How does Netflix know where you connect from every single time? It is not that hard for websites to identify where you are located physically and it happens directly due to your IP address.

Your IP is what reflects your online identity and this is why you appear to be from a specific place in the world. So, every time you use your ISP in order to gain access to Netflix, you will be rejected with a sharp message informing of the copyright issues that get in the way. Now, there is something you can do! You can fake your IP address and get a new US IP address instead.

Yes, VPN is able to help you out with that. You simply connect to the web using a US based server. This is the trigger that will hand you out an American IP address instead of your regular Indian IP address. So, problem is solved and you can now enjoy US Netflix without any additional discomfort.

Of course, the unblocking Netflix from India is not the sole benefit you can get out of this deal. Instead, you can enjoy full online protection due to the data encryption that comes with VPN. There are numerous benefits that are directly linked to your use of the VPN and increase your overall performance. In general, you should not delay your VPN subscription even for the slightest bit.

Which Is the Best VPN for India?

Now that you already know why it is so important to subscribe to VPN for unblocking Netflix and so many other websites and apps globally (Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Rhapsody, ITV and NFL among others), it is high time you learnt about the very best VPN provider that will work wonders for you towards accessing Netflix in India.

HideMyAss Pro is the indisputable winner and such an option can unveil a whole lot of potential before your eyes. You can get a humongous variety of VPN providers, as much as great tech support and speed rates that blow your mind. Pretty astonishing for online streaming channels, such as Netflix!

How to Sign Up for a US Netflix Account from India

If you are not a holder of a US Netflix account (or any other version of Netflix, which works just fine with the US IP address), you will be expected to create one from scratch. Here you can find some simple guidelines that will ease the road for you even more. In specific:

  • First of all, you subscribe to a VPN provider and you change your IP address respectively, so that you appear from the US.
  • You visit Netflix and set US as your default location.
  • You sign up making use of a US address, which can be fake (they will never check). Just make sure that you use a valid zip code.
  • Continue with your credit card information prior to the payment (typically MasterCard and Visa are acceptable). Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards that can be availed from and many other vendors.
  • You’re in! Enjoy!