Learn to Watch Netflix in Holland Quickly


Netflix in Holland Learn to Watch Netflix in Holland Quickly

Netflix is the most popular online source of movies and TV online today. With over 25 million users Netflix is rapidly becoming people’s favorite way to watch TV shows and movies. If you Live in Holland, officially Netflix is not currently available to you. However with this small workaround you will be able to access Netflix in Holland within the next few minutes!

Change your Location via VPN

Virtual Private Network companies allow you to fake your IP address so that you can appear to be connecting to Internet sites from inside the US. You can enjoy Netflix in Holland and at the same time, browse the internet safely and securely once you are connected to a US VPN server.

What’s the Best VPN to Pick

We have reviewed loads of VPN providers here at AllOfVPN, they all have their pros and cons. You can check out our vpn service reviews. The most important thing to keep in mind when connecting to Netflix is connection speed. If your connection is not fast enough, Netflix will stutter. With this in mind we highly and confidently recommend HideMyAss!

HideMyAss Pro VPN offers easy setup, good pricing and a huge number of US servers. So even if the speed drops for any reason all you have to do is jump onto another server.

Signing up for Netflix from Holland

Once you are connected to a US server it is quite easy to sign up for Netflix in Holland. Just fill in the registration form using a fake US address. All you need is the Zip code really the rest is just making it up. American Zip codes are 5 digits long, 90210 is one that might make you chuckle.

Most people will need to use a gift card as their credit card won’t be accepted by Netflix, because Netflix doesn’t accept non-US credit cards often. If you’ve any issue while clearing Netflix payment via your card, you can buy a gift card on Amazon, Ebay or this supplier.

We hope you found this guide helpful and are happily streaming Netflix from Holland as we speak. Please feel free to add any questions or comments you may have below.