Watch US Netflix in Haiti – A Pleasent Experience


Netflix in Haiti Watch US Netflix in Haiti   A Pleasent Experience

We are sure many Haitians were delighted to see Netflix arrive to their country. The thought of access all of that lovely content anytime they liked had many people over the moon! Unfortunately after the initial high it turned out that the Netflix offering to the Haiti was, extremely limited. All of the good stuff is saved for the US Netflix version. Here at AllOfVPN we have a simple trick that will allow you to access to US version of Netflix from Haiti any time you like!

Watch US Netflix in Haiti – Conceal Your Location

It couldn’t be simpler; to unblock Netflix from Haiti and watch movies on it (or whatever you want of course) all you need to do is to convince Netflix that you are based in the US – its tricky. You can change the IP address that you connect to the internet by using a Virtual Private Network. The VPN Company will allow you to connect to a US based server. This will allow you to access the US version of Netflix in Haiti. Connecting to the internet like this is also an ideal way to protect your privacy while using internet.

Best VPN for streaming Netflix in Haiti

What should we consider when choosing a VPN? The most important thing while streaming Netflix via a VPN is connection speed. Also important is the price of the service and the number of servers they have available within the US or Worldwide. We’ve reviewed hundreds of VPN providers for your satisfaction and the market leader and recommended is however HideMyAss. HMA (HideMyAss) Pro has a very large number of VPN servers in US and all around the globe, they have the largest servers network among all in VPN industry — so you can easily switch one from another, if one slows down; and keep you can keep streaming Netflix or anything you might be.

HideMyAss is also very user friendly, you just have to download the APP, enter your username and password and you will be connected to a US server in seconds. It will also work with well with your your iPhone, iPad, Android and other Smartphone device but you’ll need to do manual configuration except for Android, as HideMyAss has app for android devices only and do provide manual settings for the the rest. Again no worries, their guides are crazily easy!

It really is that easy. We hope you enjoyed the article and that you are already watching your favorite US Netflix content from Haiti. Let us know what your thoughts or questions are regarding this article by rating it or via the comments section below. And yes, don’t forget to share on your social networks if you want to help your others as well icon smile Watch US Netflix in Haiti   A Pleasent Experience