Guideline for Greece Netflix – Watch Netflix in Greece


Netflix in Greece Guideline for Greece Netflix   Watch Netflix in Greece

We surely can suggest, do not waste your time surfing the web for the best video store from which to watch your favorite movies. Simply type Netflix on your address bar and you will be pleasantly surprised by its updated movie library-with HD results.

Sadly, Netflix offers their full services exclusively in the United States; as a matter of fact you can’t access Netflix from Greece. Do not give up yet though, because we are about to reveal to you a way through which you can enjoy Netflix in Greece with ease, anytime you want to. If you attempt to access Netflix from Greece, the site will track your location by your IP address and the moment they identify non-US IP address, they’ll restrict your access Netflix from Greece.

How to gain access to Netflix from Greece?

To get full access, you simply have to make Netflix place your location inside the United States. When you do this, they’ll let you to register and enjoy Netflix in Greece. Simply follow these tips then rest easy as you’ll be able to watch Netflix from your computer, whenever or wherever you like.

The trick is to connect to a Virtual Private Network server located in the United States. In this way, the VPN will let you use their server to connect to the web using a United States IP address. At this point, you can open an account at Netflix and gain access to their full services, despite staying in Greece. Please take note that you have to register with a Virtual Private Network provider to gain access to a VPN server.

Finding the Best VPN for unblocking Netflix from Greece

Problems looking for the Virtual Private Network server which will suit video streaming? Well, there are a lot of great VPN providers available in the market. Our preferred provider is HideMyAss VPN. We tried it out as a panel and were impressed by their services. It is reliable, fast, and affordable. On top of that, they provide limitless bandwidth for streaming.

Netflix Guideline for Greece Netflix   Watch Netflix in Greece

Currently, HideMyAss is providing a safe 1 month subscription with a money back guarantee ,although you will obtain a 27 % discount with 6-months registration and 43% discount with Annual registration. After signing up with HideMyAss Pro, download and install HideMyAss application for your Mac or PC, choose a server within the United States and click on connect. That is all you need to do; you’ll immediately be positioned within the United States-because of the US IP address you will be assigned by the VPN – and begin your Netflix registration.

Signing Up Netflix

However, if you select another VPN, you need to setup a VPN manually in your Network settings; which usually very complex. To avoid all this technical stuff, we recommend HideMyAss VPN. You can now subscribe to Netflix by completing required check boxes and making use of the zip code 90083. In case you do not have a credit card to sign up for Netflix, get an acceptable gift card from different vendors. And if you’re still not there, don’t worry – you can go thorough our complete guide for getting a US Netflix account outside US.