Watching Netflix in Croatia – Smooth and Simple Guidelines


Netflix in Croatia Watching Netflix in Croatia   Smooth and Simple Guidelines

Netflix is one of the most treasured video on demand services on the planet and the millions of subscribers can speak much louder than words on that! HD videos waiting for you to enjoy them at your convenience, without ads or any other interruption and without having to break a sweat! However, in Croatia things are a bit different – and by different we mean worse.

People in Croatia (natives, students and businessmen along with tourists – no exception) are denied access to this superb way of home entertainment. Do you know why? Because Netflix is a geo-restricted website and this means that only people from certain places in the world can benefit from its content. Instead of just sitting there and thinking of how things could be, we preferred to do something and change the current situation. And so we did, our friends in Croatia! With the guidelines that we are about to show you, you will be able to unblock Netflix in Croatia and enjoy its premium content. Let’s start, shall we?

VPN Helping You with Getting Netflix in Croatia

Every time you try to access Netflix from Croatia, your IP address reveals that you are not a US resident. As you can imagine, this is when the deal breaks and you cannot enter the fascinating world of video on demand services. However, with the contribution of VPN all that can easily change. First of all, you need to subscribe to a trustworthy VPN provider. We would go for Hide My Ass Pro VPN, due to its speed and overall quality. Then, you have the opportunity to choose the server you are going to use for connecting online. Even if it sounds trivial, in reality this is what is going to end all your problems with your IP address!

In fact, you are expected to choose a US based server rather than any other one. In this way, you instantly obtain a US IP address and consequently you are in for a treat when you visit Netflix again! Yes, now Netflix sees you and identifies you as a local American! So, you can thank VPN and get started! Of course, along with the unblocking of Netflix, you can do the similar thing and unblock everything!

How to Create a US Netflix Account in Croatia

One more thing, guys! As soon as you are in, Netflix will want you to sign up and log in to your account. However easy it might seem, you should never forget that you live in the States! So, start signing up for Netflix and include an American name and address. You do not need to worry about their validity, as no one bothers to check. Still, what you do have to pay attention to is the zip code that you select. It needs to be valid, since they will cross check such info. To your rescue, you can choose one from here.

Moving forward, the last barrier you need to overcome is that of your payment method. Sure, Netflix does offer a free month to all the customers. However, the payment method is compulsory even then. You can try your credit or debit card, but usually only US cards do the trick. If you do not manage to be accepted, you can go ahead with purchasing a Netflix gift card on eBay or from any other trusted vendor. You can also go for PayPal debit cards. The choice is yours to make. Either way, this is the last boundary to be bypassed. Then, log in to your account and enjoy your online streaming!