Learn How to Unblock Netflix in China – Premium Quality Stuff!


Netflix in China Learn How to Unblock Netflix in China – Premium Quality Stuff!

Netflix is a great website offering you top HD videos by the thousands on demand. Due to its great quality and wealth of content, Netflix has become really popular and the customers grow rapidly over time. However, since it is a geo-restricted website there is really no opportunity to expand the subscribers worldwide. To be more specific, Netflix is only available for viewing at full among residents in the United States. There are several versions available, such as that of Latin America, Canada, as well as UK and so on; still, the US version is the ultimate challenge for everybody!

So, if you live in China for any reason and you wish to access the full content of Netflix, you are at a loss. Well, not any more thanks to us and our comprehensive guidelines! Stick with us and learn everything about how to watch Netflix in China – You will not regret it, we are sure of that!

VPN Faking Your IP and Unblocking Netflix from China

Whenever you try to visit Netflix from China, the website locates you on the map through your IP address. This unique number is handed over to you by your ISP automatically and reflects your physical location in the world. As a result, you cannot fake it and appear that you reside anywhere else but China. Well, VPN can change that in a heartbeat! With the US based servers of the VPN provider that you subscribe to, you can instantly substitute your old IP address with a brand new one from the States. Isn’t that wonderful?

Apparently, you will have to choose a reliable VPN provider that will guide you through the whole process and will facilitate the path for you to follow. ExpressVPN is our number one recommended option for China as it offers a vast range of servers, at the most affordable price rates on the market. Since your subscription is refundable for the first month, there is not any risk taken on your behalf! So, don’t wait any longer!

Netflix Account Created in China – Step by Step Guide!

There is one more step for you to take, till you access Netflix in China. You need a Netflix account, so as to log in your info and start wandering through the content of your liking. Obviously, for all those of you who already have Netflix accounts (your account coming for any version of Netflix globally) this step is not necessary. Still, everyone can create a Netflix account from scratch within moments. See how you can do that:

  • Visit the website of Netflix with your VPN turned on and with a US based server chosen.
  • Start creating your account by writing down your information. Make sure that you appear to be somewhere in the United States, since this is what your IP address tells Netflix. The only important thing to pay attention to is your zip code. For being accurate (since they do check the validity of your zip codes in the US).
  • Complete your registration by including a valid payment method. Any US card (credit or debit) can do the work and offer you the results you have been longing for. Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards or even the debit card of PayPal. If you need to get cards, you can get from this provider
  • Remember that the first month is offered for free by Netflix, but when the month is over you will be charged $7.99 per month for what you get. It is quite a bargain, don’t you think so?
  • Keep your VPN turned on and enjoy Netflix by logging in to your fresh Netflix account!