Learn How to watch US Netflix in Bulgaria


Netflix in Bulgaria Learn How to watch US Netflix in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a wonderful country, however one of the frustrations that the Bulgarian people have is the lack of access to American entertainment websites like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. Netflix blocks access to its servers for anyone living outside of the US or a handful of other countries. Access to the US Netflix in Bulgaria is possible though, all you have to do is get around the Netflix IP restrictions.

Netflix uses your IP address to determine what country you are in when you connect to their Servers. The easiest way around this is simply to convince Netflix that you are connecting from inside the US. The way to do this is to change your IP address to one that is located in the US. Accessing the US Netflix from Bulgaria by changing your IP address is a lot easier than it sounds! You will need no particular Technical Skills and will only take about 5 minutes!

Setting up VPN to watch US Netflix in Bulgaria

A Virtual private Network is all you will need to mask your IP address. There are several VPN companies that will allow you access to their servers, our recommended is a company called HideMyAss.

HMA (HideMyAss) Pro VPN has been the market leader for quite a while now and with good reason. They offer a large number of servers throughout the world and setting up the service is a breeze. HMA Pro focus heavily on keeping the connection speed high for its users – this is the vital ingredient to making sure that you can properly watch US Netflix from Bulgaria.

How to sign up for US Netflix from Bulgaria

Just sign up for Netflix as usual, using your Bulgarian address and when you next connect use a US HideMyAss server. You will then have access to the full complement of US Netflix content.

Does it work for Mobile Devices?

You Bet. HideMyAss offers apps as well as manual set up instructions for a wide range of mobile devices. There is a handy HMA app for android and iOS users! We hope this article has helped you to watch Netflix from Balgaria, please feel free to leave us a comment or engage with us on social media.