Learn How to Watch Netflix in Belgium


Netflix in Belgium Learn How to Watch Netflix in Belgium

Netflix is not available in Belgium yet. Even If it was you would probably find that the limited content means. It is not a great option for your online streaming needs. Luckily, the American version of Netflix is top notch. It includes 1000’s of HD movies including a few Belgian offerings! Thankfully we here at AllOfVPN have discovered a method for unblocking Netflix from Belgium quickly! Read on to learn more…

Change your Location with VPN to watch Netflix

Thankfully you won’t have to relocate to the US just to access all that wonderful content, all you have to do is convince the Netflix server that you are located in the US and Not Belgium – Quite Simple. To do this you simply need to change your IP address. This is really easy and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever – Good News for Newbies.

Well, you will find companies that offer a service called a Virtual Private Network. What this means is that the companies will allow you to access their servers, based all over the world, and as far as the internet is concerned you are surfing from that country. This will allow you to access Netflix in Belgium and also keep your internet traffic safe and private – really!

Best VPN for Watching Netflix in Belgium

At AllofVPN.com we have reviewed hundreds of VPNs but the short answer is HideMyAss Pro VPN. HMA pro has top notch servers in the US offering great connection speeds. The connection speed is vital when you are connecting to Netflix. The service is also relatively economical and easy to use.

Signing up for a Netflix Account

After you have signed up for HideMyAss connect to one of their US servers. Go to the Netflix page and fill in the sign up form. Use a Fake US address — do a Google search for any US address if you can’t think of one. The only thing to keep in mind is that, you must use a correct 5 digit zip code. Almost any will do but 90210 is the simplest one that come in our minds without second invitation.

Next you will need to pay. If you do not have a credit card that will work with the US Netflix, just buy a gift card from Amazon, eBay or from this supplier and you will be up and running with Netflix in seconds – be first to qualify.

Hope this post will help you a lot in unblocking Netflix from Belgium, we will wait for your questions and suggestions – if any!