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Watch Netflix in Afghanistan Getting to Watch Netflix in Afghanistan   Unique Information Available Online

It goes without even saying that Netflix is extremely popular worldwide. The quality and abundance of the thousands of videos available within the reach of Netflix subscribers can be the most eloquent proof of such popularity. Unfortunately enough, not everyone can actually access Netflix freely. In fact, only people from the United States are able to get their hands on the full version of Netflix. Over time, a few other versions of the video on demand service have been created. Canada, Latin America and UK can enjoy Netflix, although with significantly poorer content.

If you are located in Afghanistan and you want to watch Netflix from the country without fail, then you had better read along. It is a fact that there is a solution that will help you out towards making your wish come true. Make use of the advice provided below and enjoy the opportunities that are unveiled before your eyes, in order to watch Netflix in Afghanistan.

Faking Your IP Address and Accessing Netflix

Netflix is a geo-restricted website, as we have stated earlier. This means that you need to be an American resident, in order to gain full access to its content. Every time you try to access Netflix from Afghanistan, you get to run into the same message on the screen. To cut a long story short, you are denied access to the website due to your physical location. “How on Earth can Netflix know where I am?” might be a question on your lips and we are about to let you know right away.

Well, the truth is that your IP address reflects your exact location in the world every single moment. So, when you visit Netflix, you are identified as a foreigner and consequently you cannot pass the obstacle. Still, we are the bearers of great news! We have got a solution for you to benefit from, so as to watch Netflix from Afghanistan. The solution consists of three letters and it is no other than VPN!

When you connect to VPN, you can choose any server you want from a substantial list available for you. If you choose a US based server, you will instantly realize that your IP address changes and an American IP address takes its place. Yes, this is the only thing that you will have to do before entering Netflix!

As far as the best VPN is concerned, we cannot help but mention HideMyAss Pro. In fact, it includes a wide range of servers from any place on Earth and it can lead to the unblocking of Netflix and many other geo-blocked websites, as well. Along with that, HMA has got apps that match all OS and devices and this can make the whole process much easier for you to handle. So, this is definitely the number one recommendation on our end, when it comes to VPN services provided.

Setting up a Netflix Account from Afghanistan

After having activated VPN, the next step is to create a Netflix account. Let’s find out how you can do that without any discomfort whatsoever. We hope that it comes in handy to you!

  • You make sure that you have connected to VPN and especially to a US based server.
  • You write down your personal details, always keeping in the back of your mind the fact that you reside in the US. You can find out any address from the web, since nobody will ever verify that. You can find US zip codes here.
  • You complete your sign up process with an accurate payment method. The best method is for you to use a US credit or debit card. However, even without having such cards at hand, you can overcome the problem through the use of a Netflix gift card purchased from trusted seller.
  • This is it! Have fun Netflixing from Afghanistan!