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Being providers of a product that enables web users to bypass Geo-blocks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that at HideMyAss Pro VPN! HQ they would be quite upset about the reports from Netflix account; that it is launching all episodes of their fresh series, “House of Cards” in all areas where it operates. People think this is a move in the right way and wish that this is the beginning of a similar pattern for future for media launches.

Fifteen years back, it was actually impossible to download a TV show or movie from the internet and even just ten years ago – when data sharing was active, video downloading was a huge task for those fortunate enough to get a speedy broadband connection. Inside UK, we’re currently seeing the decline of two of the greatest physical retailers, Blockbusters and HMV, and the potential future of TV and film is certainly ‘online’.

Downloads for videos and audio have been weaker outside the US than inside. This has made the job of producers harder since they have to schedule different release dates around the world.

In the 1950s, Europeans were forced to wait for several months before the vinyl records of latest Broadway musicals became accessible but the very easy delivery of tapes followed by CDs allowed launch dates for music became far more tightly aligned, all over the world. Television shows and movies were actually hard to approach, along with mega movies yet to be launched in US theaters; well before they reach the European cinemas. However, the difference is reducing fast!

VPN providers have obviously understood quite smartly that web users dislike all artificial obstacles that are being set up by media companies. It’s a huge reason for many of us to sign up for a HideMyAss Pro VPNVPN service.

Finally, the limitations that a few internet sites enforce create unusual flaws. These flaws, for example , are the reason why a user from US is not able to gain access to his or her US Netflix account when on holiday, outside US and also why a British TV license fee paying customer is incapable of accessing BBC iPlayer while traveling abroad.

We don’t want to pay too much attention to it but the reality is that older British license fee payers had seen the 1st edition of “House of Cards” by 1990, hence Netflix’s declaration to it appearing on “original” series is fascinating-to say the least.