IT Experts in Need of More Effective Tools to Prevent Breaches in Security


Disappointing as it may sound, tech savvies working in the online security department have been left without the proper armour in their effort to fight off breaches and compromises in the field of online protection. As a recent report has stressed out, there are not enough and technologically efficient tools for the experts to make use of out there. As a consequence, the performance of the defensive system of security professionals remains inadequate and lacking in essence.

The research that has highlighted such results has been held by the Ponemon Institute and its findings have been straightforward and crucial to consider. Different products have been proven to work less efficiently with each other than expected and this had led to the decrease in the overall protection level provided. Technicians and IT experts have been trying to fight off security breaches and attacks of all sorts, but the tools they have been given collapse before their eyes. What is more, they fail to interact with each other and this can lead to severe drawbacks and deficiencies as a whole.

The people who have been interviewed throughout the >report varied as to their origin and their exact location at the time and this is what makes the findings practically universal (with the people interviewed coming from Europe and US, Middle East and Africa). One thing that has drawn the attention more than anything else is the acknowledgement that such tools and security software can highlight that something is wrong. However, most of them cannot offer solid solutions against the things that are wrong.

As you can imagine, it is futile to expect from a naked soldier to provide efficient defence against any threat. The same happens with the lack of proper equipment and software that can lead to the ideal defensive line against online threats. This is where all the attention of the CISOs (meaning the Chief Information Security Officers) should be driven.