Navi Pillay Stressing Out the Importance of Online Privacy


The ongoing incidents of online surveillance that have been brought to light recently have made a lot of people in the UN worry about what is next. Navi Pillay specializes in human rights and she has been expressing her discomfort regarding the interception of personal information online.

This is the driving force that has led her made a shocking parallelism. In specific, she compared the whole effort of Edward Snowden and the reaction that this has caused with the efforts made towards bringing down the apartheid regime. Although this might sound a bit too much, in reality human rights cannot be divided and evaluated as to their importance, as Navi Pillay states.

These comments have been made by Navi Pillay in an interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee on BBC Radio 4. Of course, she has not failed to comment on the recent decision that has been made from the UN general assembly. This has been brought for discussion by Brazil and Germany and you can assume the reason, after the latest revelations of Edward Snowden. The decision that has been voted without any arguments refers to the protection of both offline and online privacy and human rights in the same manner. This is in fact really important, as it backs the references of Navi Pillay and awakes everybody towards being serious about their online privacy options.

After these comments and after the recent breaking news of Edward Snowden (with many more revelations still to come), everybody should stop and think how he can fight off such monitoring and spying on his personality. The best way is indeed through the use of VPN, which encrypts your data and helps you stay out of reach, no matter what.