Disappointing News for Microsoft Security Essentials in Malware


Unless you are running on Windows 8.1, you will be confronted with some disturbing news about your overall security. After research that has been conducted by Dennis Technology Labs, it has been proven that Microsoft Security Essentials is not as powerful as one would have expected it to be when it comes to detecting malware and offering thorough protection against such elements. In fact, more than one out of three cases of malware has been left untraced and untaken care of.

The test has taken place among security tools widely used among Internet users and the results have been devastating for Microsoft Security Essentials. When ranked, MSE only surpassed McAfee Internet Security, while at the first place there was Kaspersky Internet Security 2014. Of course, several other security tools have performed greatly as well, including ESET Smart Security 7, Norton Internet Security and Avast! Free Antivirus 8. Apparently, as it has been expected, the free options have been performing slightly worse as a whole than the paid services offered to the public.

The results have been calculated according to an algorithm created by Dennis Technology Labs and the people working there have taken into account a lot of different measurements. Overall, in order to give you an idea of how alarming the performance of MSE has been, it is only fair to consider that unlike the top ranked Norton with 292, MSE ranked -41.

So, if you are using MSE you had better go ahead with finding an alternative means of protection that would help you sleep better at night. By far, VPN can offer you the reassurance that you want regarding protection against malware and other threats and it is quite affordable too.