Mozilla Lightbeam: Spying on Who’s Spying on You Online


It is true that you cannot expect to surf the web anonymously, unless you do something about it. The increasingly rapid tracking interaction among thousands of websites has been stressed out a long time ago, but Internet users tend to reject everything that they cannot see in action. This is where Mozilla Lightbeam can step in.

This wonderful add-on can indicate to you most eloquently all the third party tracking that takes place and makes you vulnerable against advertisers, spyware and other features that try to read through your online habits and the websites that you visit. Isn’t that creepy? How can this be? Well, due to the cookies that you allow within your browser, you can be monitored by others. One thing leads to the next and before you know it the graphic visualization has flourished before your eyes.

Mozilla Lightbeam can be downloaded for free and is really easy to install and use. You will see that there are three different alternatives for you to make use of, including the Graph, the Clock and the List. It should be shocking to realize just how many different websites are tracking you down any given time. Of course, you can choose to turn cookies off. In a similar pattern, you can turn off the crowd sourcing in order to prevent Mozilla Lightbeam collect any of your information whatsoever.

If you are wondering what you can do in order to avoid such discomforting situations and be kept anonymous rather than spied on, the answer is pretty simple. You should go for VPN! Virtual Private Network is the only way for you to make sure that your data is fully encrypted and that nothing gets intercepted.

You can surf the web for as long as you want, without having to worry about third parties and affiliates, spyware and hackers, tracking devices and so on. Internet access simplified and improved through VPN, without any breach of security whatsoever.