MIT Surprising Everyone with Mylar, Its New Encryption Wonder


MIT has made quite an impression recently, since there has been a breakthrough in the field of encryption on behalf of some researchers. A new encryption code has successfully been completed and even PRISM cannot crack in any way.

The great news is that there is thorough encryption occurring even before your data gets forwarded to the server. So, all pieces of information get encrypted in full and this makes it exceptionally difficult for somebody to get their hands on such data. As a consequence, there is no way for the Government to access the sensitive information that can come in handy to them through a company. After all, all the data is unencrypted and therefore there is not such an option for the company to give out your info.

What is innovative about Mylar is the fact that there is encryption using different keys and there is keyword research without fail. Even if there is a problem with the server, the encryption key is unique and there is no room for debate on this matter.

On the downside now, Mylar is not compatible and thus it cannot run smoothly with any OS or device, without the addition of a whole infrastructure. As a result, it is great to consider as an encryption allowing no loophole to the Government (aka NSA), but in reality there is still a long way to go. Till things get better and there is significant improvement in the whole encryption concept, VPN is the ultimate weapon that can work wonders and allow you to remain untraceable online!