Microsoft To Carry Out Windows and Internet Explorer Updates Today


Microsoft will today carry out updates on Internet Explorer and Windows OS. This announcement was made by the Microsoft Security Response Center spokesman Dustin Childs in a blog post last week.

The updates will cover 8 areas in total. Three of these updates have been rated as critical by the company and will be the first priority today. The remaining five have been rated important. Unfortunately, a security glitch affecting Office, Windows and Lync exposed last week will not be patched today.

The first patch will be for one of the critical glitches. The patch will affect all versions of Internet Explorer from 6 upwards to 11. Users should know that Internet Explorer 6 will be retired in April of 2014. But before then, users are required to go online today and update their IE after the patch has been posted.

The critical issue number two affects Windows OS. There is no specific information on what platforms this update will affect. Microsoft also requires Windows users to go online today and update their OS so as to update.

The popularity of Windows OS and Office is undeniable. This wide use means that hackers and other malicious computer users will always try and find weak points in the system since a small break through for them can be duplicated over millions of computers. Commendably, Microsoft tries to stay on top of these weak points by regularly patching their software.

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