Microsoft Twitter Accounts Hacked By SEA (Syrian Electronic Army)


SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) a Bashar al Assad lover’s community involved in hacking, and demonstrated its strong control over Microsoft (MS). SEA belongs to qualified skilled hijackers- corpse. The main objective of the SEA is to discourage and suppress the anti-government movements via cyber sources. As a result of civil war since-2011, minimum 1,30,000 people have been killed.

The past SEA also affected the world’s giants – in news industry like:-

  • Aljazeera
  • Assosiated Press(AP)
  • BBC
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Financial Times
  • Guardian
  • Human Right Watch
  • National Public Radio

The most astonishing tweet by SEA was when news came that,”Washington is under-attack and White-House was crashed by bombing President Obama got some severe causalities”. This news damaged the stock exchange upto over 1 trillion dollars.

The same group (SEA) had also showed its solid interference in Skype‘s official account few days before.
“Sea Eagle” an important SEA component stated that Microsoft‘s Official Twitter Account (@MSFT) had been also intercepted by them and the account retweeted from @Official_SEA16 Account with the latest news that Microsoft involves in transmitting users data to the United States of America for intelligence purposes, as well as to other countries – a press release by Mashable (a news site).

The member also added that, “Microsoft is not our enemy but what they are doing affected the SEA”.

The army (SEA) also publicized the personal information of the Company’s recently leaving to retire chief executive personnel, Mr.Steve Balmer. On Balmer’s account, SEA tweeted as “you can thank MS for monitoring your accounts and e-mails”

These Tweets and Messages are the reflections of the stories released by Ex-NSA contractor “Edward Snowden” – that Microsoft is an active partner with NSA to inspect and supervise the inter firms communication among the top cyber homes.

One month ago, Microsoft bonded with seven other tech giants pressing Barack Obama to rein in electronic spying of the government, in white house conversations.